11-24-2020 E-3

Competition Plus is LIVE tonight at 9PM EST with POWER HOUR! Hosts Monday Morning Race and Slammin' Sam will be yacking it up on drag racing along with you in the discussion. Jeff Arend, the POWER HOUR pit insider, will update us on the pertinent juicy information that he's got. Then it's a bit of fuel with Clay Millican. Afterwards, on the same air time streaming, it's Stevie Fast Jackson and Scotty Cannon. A full show LIVE at 9PM EST on the Competition Plus Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter via Periscope - BE THERE!



11-17-2020 E-2

POWER HOUR round 2 is coming hosted by Slammin' Sam and The Monday Morning Racer talking on current and relevant drag racing issues along with great guests from the world of drag racing. Pit insider Jeff Arend will pop in to give us the beat from the pits. Our guests will be Radial Vs. The World winner in Orlando, Melanie Salemi, and NHRA 2020 Rookie of the Justin Ashley. By the way, be our guests as well while watching LIVE because we'll be taking your questions through the show. BE there, LIVE at 9PM EST!




11-10-2020 - E1

Introducing the Competition Plus POWER HOUR!

A LIVE show about all things drag racing streaming to the Competition Plus platforms on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Hosted by Slammin' Sam Smith and the Monday Morning Racer Lee Craft it will have drag racing opinion along with personalities from the sport such as the first episode guests, Ron Capps and Gary Scelzi.

Jeff Arend will join the show as our NHRA insider to update us on the inside pit details from the sport of drag racing.