There is nothing conventional about the upcoming World Series of Pro Modified [WSOPM] drag racing event at Bandimere Speedway, which makes this the perfect event for Stevie "Fast" Jackson.

Jackson is one of 14 drivers who have accepted an invitation to participate in the $100,000-to-win event presented by Drag Illustrated magazine on August 5 - 6, 2017.

Jackson, a proficient smack-talker, and even more proficient driver plans, to do a good measure of both in this inaugural event, and one of the richest events ever staged for NHRA legal Pro Modified cars.

"It’s a good deal," said Jackson, who is featured on the cover of the latest Drag Racer magazine. To me man, I could care less about that money. I never think about money when I’m in the race car. Of course, we’re consumed by it, getting everything bought, paid for, drove around and getting it to a race track."

Now, in the interest of fair reporting, Jackson isn't keen on racing his high dollar operation for $20, because in the world he came from such large purses, as the one he's competing for in two weeks, are par for the course.

"My background is in grudge racing; I’ve raced for $100,000 in one run before," Jackson admitted. "My background in that explains why I could care less about the money. Once the car starts, I could care less. I run that thing just as hard if there’s a test run or a final round every single run. Winning the race to me is far more important than winning the money."

Easy come, easy go; it's the nature of drag racing in Jackson's world.  

"We’ll spend the money and be broke again later down the road, but being able to win that deal, the first one of those things, you get the kind of competition that’s coming, and where it’s at, that’s the big nut," Jackson explained. "That’s what I want. That’s the draw. So the $100,000 is awesome, of course, we want to win the $100,000, but I don’t do this for the money.

"If I wanted to do this for the money, I’ve added it up; I make about two bucks an hour. So I can go work anywhere and put in the hours we do to this to make money. So I don’t race for money, it’s not what motivates me. Success, fame, all that stuff are what motivates me. I want to crush the other guy in the other lane, that’s what gets me up in the morning."

Unlike traditional drag races where drivers qualify and a bracket seeded for eliminations, the WSOPM will have pre-paired cars in the weeks leading into the event.  

Drag Illustrated revealed earlier this week Jackson will face off with Mike Janis in the opening round.

Janis is just one of a handful of multi-time Pro Modified champions participating. This caliber of racers, Jackson believes, speaks volumes about this event.

"The logistics behind putting this thing together (is big) and that is way more than the casual fan knows," Jackson said. "We as racers understand some of the logistics and what it takes to pull one of these off. But the prestige behind it is getting to race against the people that are the best at what they do in the world gathered in one place.

"And that’s what I like about NHRA Pro Mod too, is you’ve got 30 teams that do this for a living. And like this is how they feed their families, most of them. You know, when you go in against people like that it makes it better, and you find out where you stack up. It’s awesome man; it’s awesome. I can’t wait. I wish it was tomorrow."

Jackson hopes this event will fully show the NHRA what a gem they have in the J&A Services Pro Modified division.

"I think in the beginning they saw [Pro Modified] as a hindrance. And I think now they realize the absolute attention that the class garners to the fans. I don’t know if y’all watch, but point a camera at the stands when Pro Mod comes up, and watch it fill up. You know, it’s drawn a different grass roots type of demographic to NHRA, and I think they realize it, and I think they’re grasping ahold of it and I’m happy to be part of it."

Jackson's even happier to be a part of an event where he's got the chance to pocket a lot of folding money.