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How is this switch to NHRA going to affect the weekly
racers that supported NRP to be the track it is today? - karen.cireddu.nu9w 



Rev. Ken's article was priceless. There are a number of other
advantages, also. Who better than a race team to show the world what teamwork
can really accomplish? There has not been teamwork in DC since they laid the
town out in that swampland. Come to think of it, it is still a swamp. And one
thing is for sure, racers running the country could not make any bigger mess of
things than the so called "professional politicians" that we have
elected. - Ted Smith


The story about the
Atlanta drags
warmed my heart.  There it was – people having fun and going fast.  No reaction
times, no breakout no whining.  There were probably no big block 4 second
dragsters running in the 7’s with a throttle stop.  Have fun & go fast what
a concept. - DSeamans


4000 people at AMS for untimed 1/8 mile drags? It's all over the local
radio and TV stations too. Wow. This brand new sport of drag racing is pretty
popular. That's gotta make the folks at Atlanta Dragway wonder what they're
doing wrong. After all, they run on Friday nights too. Except for the
occaisional Ronnie Davis update in the Atlanta paper, the Commerce track is
virtually ignored buy local media.
On the downside, local TV also reported a half dozen car thefts at AMS
during the races. Apparently opportunistic thieves were making off with cars in
the show area while everyone was watching the drags. Haven't seen that happen at
Commerce. - Dave Cox




And not one word about, not one quote from, Dale Sr. - Norman Hecktoff





Have you ever seen the heads Brodix
offers for small block Fords, Chevys and Chryslers.  It has letter embossed into
the ports to prohibit porting.  They all flow within one percent (if I remember


I talked to them and they had never
been approached to use the heads in drag racing, only in circle track racing. 
He seemed intrigued by the possibility of using the head in that application.  I
had done this for one of the heads up organizations but they did not want to
pursue it.


Like you, I was looking for a way to
participate without spending the savings account.


Anyway, I think any other head
leaves the option of porting which may go undetected. 


Just a
thought. - Mark Brown





Since most people are quick to let you know when
they have a complaint and silently apathetic when you perform an exemplary
service, I just wanted to let you know: You do a fantastic (and exemplary)
Give yourself a pat on the back and a raise. (not
necessarily in that order) Also, if you think of it, let Ken Owen know, (from
one writer to another) that someone was blown away by his creative, well-thought
out and well-executed article about "Big" taking over the "Blue" Oval
By the way, if the Northwest Hitter, Bucky Austin
were appointed as Connie's 2nd in command the nefarious factions in the Middle
East would soon have brown stains on their Arabian carpets.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to clicking
on your site every day and wish you all the best! -Scott Barratt





I just finished reading Jon Asher's "Up Front".
It was well written and on target. I guess the one thing that all racers do not
realize is the total volume for "racing gasoline" is less than 20 million
gallons a year. That number is world wide. To put those gallons in prospective,
a major branded oil company can produce that before lunch on any given day. The
leaded fuels are the largest in volume but with the changes in demand unleaded
will take the lead in just a few years. This change will give the appearance
that the large sanctioning bodies are helping the environment. They will change
to unleaded but that change will have little or no effect on the world's
pollution problems. The sanctions are acting as good neighbors and responsible
operations in the eyes of the general public. This perception is important for
motorsports. Pressure from economic change will be a big problem. Race tracks
turning into houses and shopping centers have been going on for years. No
sanction needs or wants to appear to be a source of air-pollution when the local
lawyers come calling. 

Fear not about the ability of unleaded to make power.
The F1 race cars use 96 octane fuels. They produce 800 to 1,000 horsepower at
18,000 RPM from V8’s that displace 2.4 liters. Race gasoline producers know that
octane is only one part of gasoline performance. Racing gasoline companies are
like individual racers. They work very hard to win the product race. New
unleaded gasoline will perform even in supercharged and nitrous conditions. Drag
racing, as well as all other forms of motorsport, will continue to grow even
without lead.
Thanks for a great story - Bill Corwin.






Comp eliminator is for innovation.
If you want create motors run super comp with a dragster or an altered. One of
those ced small blocks will cost you
about$60,000 - Scott




Dale, Dale, Dale, all those years in
drag racing and still can’t see the light.  You used the comparison to “econo
dragsters” in your article.  That should be enough to tell you what will
happen.  The money guys will find a way, any way, to get a small advantage.  The
rest try to keep up.  Then there is a small rule change to allow this little
thing or that little thing et voila, the slippery slope

There seems to be two types of drag
racing – brackets and the most money wins.  Even the in brackets, the money guys
seems to be able to squeeze out a few advantages but they aren’t always