FTI Performance has a new 9-inch bolt-together torque converter perfect for bracket racing. The GS20 is user-friendly, adaptable, and the most consistent sportsman bolt together available. With the FTI Performance engineering, the customer will know that they are receiving a race-winning product. 

With the advanced technology of today’s engines, FTI is responding with torque converter technology never seen before. With several different pump combinations, this converter can be tailored to fit many applications. 

“Designed for use with today’s modern camshaft profiles and cylinder heads, this converter has extremely high torque multiplication as well as the ability to be efficient at speed,” says Greg Samuel, Chief Technology Officer of FTI Performance. “With over two years of field testing, this new design has proven to be a winner.”

As a 2019 PRI Featured Product winner, the GS20 converter is comprised of in-house CNC machined billet 6061 cover, billet turbine hub, billet impeller hub, and billet stator. Equipped with a changeable bronze pilot to reduce galling in the crankshaft as well as threaded inserts for converter mounting. A new designed stud for bolting the converter together is also Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster legal as a thru-bolt design. 

For more information about the GS20 and other FTI Performance products, visit ftiperformance.com