Funny Car racer and Professional Racers Organization [PRO] board member Bob Tasca III was emphatic to those who might try to read between the lines of an announcement by the group on Saturday. 

The Professional Racers Owners Organization, Inc. (PRO), a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) business, confirmed the decision to form PRO Promotions, LLC, a for-profit business entity. It has named Tasca as its spokesperson.

“It’s not a new race series at all,” Tasca responded when asked about the intentions of the new entity. “Just looking for ways to bring more excitement to the sport.”

The NHRA currently lists itself as a not-for-profit series where the racers compete yet racers are limited in their opportunities.

On the heels of the successful PRO Superstar Shootout last month in Bradenton, Fla., the decision was made to create PRO Promotions, LLC, an entity aimed to advance the interests of the group’s racers.

“We didn’t know if it would work or not,” Tasca said of the PRO Superstar Shootout, an independent event/test session comprised of its membership. “Obviously, it was a huge success. We’re excited about what we’re doing, and basically, we’re just looking for opportunities that can help benefit the teams and the sport. What those are at this time, we’re not sure, but we’re keeping all of our options open looking at ways where we can bring more excitement to the sport of drag racing as a whole. And obviously, Bradenton was a huge success, and we’re just going to explore all our options at this time.”

Tony Stewart, who is also a member of the PRO Board, said the new PRO Promotions is just a way of advancing the opportunities of the professional drag racers.

“As motorsports continue to evolve, so must we,” Stewart said. “We believe there are opportunities on the horizon for the sport as a collective whole and we want to be uniquely positioned when those moments arise.”





While PRO has existed since 1991 as a not-for-profit business organization that provides services and other benefits to its membership, the new PRO Promotions, LLC creates what the group believes is a more robust medium to showcase PRO’s combined strength in numbers by leveraging the members’ collective intellectual properties and paving the way for larger partnerships with potential marketing and broadcast partners.

Part of that advancement appears to be the racers’ taking control of their business and licensing opportunities that were previously either not pursued or unattainable. 

“PRO Promotions, LLC aims to advance the long-term interests of its members by engaging in promotional relationships and activities with various business entities,” said Funny Car racer Paul Lee, a PRO Board member. “Through the licensing of the members’ collective intellectual properties and other assets, businesses can establish exciting promotional relationships and opportunities with the preeminent drag racing organizations of the world.”

Sources say Bradenton’s success was a very revealing experience for the group. 

“The success of The PRO Superstar Shootout cannot be overstated,” said Richard Freeman, one of the proponents behind the event. “The greatest success of all, however, was likely that which happened behind the scenes. Teams united like never before, solidifying the formation of a for-profit, collective entity as our natural next step.”

Tasca wouldn’t go as far as to say there will be more events like the Bradenton one in the future but didn’t deny it either.

“We’re exploring all opportunities to bring more excitement to the sport,” Tasca reiterated.