"Move over, dad" could be the mantra from Kurtis Read, son of three-time Aussie Top Fuel champ Phil Read and grandson of the legendary Jim Read, one of the all-time greats in Australian drag racing.

The 22-year-old Read, an ex-go-kart racer, recently made his drag racing debut in Supercharged Outlaw. He top qualified and under the all-run format, advanced to the final and claimed victory with a 6.59/209 mph.

“I had done about four or five test days and about 30 passes in the lead-up to the event,” said Read. “It was fun to go out and finally race and to win was a great feeling. I really enjoy working on fuel cars and have been involved for around five years. I service the blower and like being part of the team. Dad's car is the priority and I will work on my racing program around what’s happening there. Who knows what the future brings? I am just starting out and having fun.”

For Phil Read, the meeting was his first experience as crew chief and tuner.

“It was all that dial your own stuff, which I know nothing about," said Read. “No computers or stuff. It was really getting back to basics. Kurtis wants to move up, but I’ve told him I’m not ready to retire yet. I'm still having too much fun."

While his highly decorated father is preparing for his 20th season in Top Fuel, Kurtis will bide his time working as a crew member alongside his Uncle Bruce Read, who is crew chief and tuner on the family fuel car.