Friday was a fast day, but not necessarily on the qualifying and elimination sheets.

The ability to be fluid with one’s schedule, especially when there’s forecasted fluid expected to fall from the sky made for a long day at the Duck X Productions No Mercy 8 Drag Radial event at South Georgia Motorsports.

Impending rain forecast for late Saturday and much of Sunday called for a drastic makeover of the event schedule forcing Q-1 session on Wednesday and three more on Thursday. Friday’s eliminations pared most of the fields down to eight cars, and in the top of the line category Radial Vs. World, four cars.

In a shocker, Alan Pittman driving the Scotty Cannon-tuned Firebird took out the seemingly unbeatable Marty Stinnett, whose car apparently rocked the beams during the staging process and fouled. Pittman advanced to the semis with a 4.011 and will give up lane choice again DeWayne Mills.

Mills took out Jeff Sitton with a 3.752 elapsed time.

Stevie “Fast” Jackson avenged Sitton’s loss with elapsed time of the round, a 3.750, to eliminate Tim Slavens, who experienced a -.001 foul.

Jackson will face Daniel Pharris, who beat Mark Micke with a 3.791.

The schedule intends to complete the event on Saturday.