The consensus around the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series is the Laris Family has the market nearly cornered on the fine art of storytelling, which often leads to uncontrollable laughter. Truth be known, there are those who will say they are even better insurance agents.

The Laris Family holds four generations of insurance experience, and this year they've combined the two markets they know best - drag racing and insurance.

Laris Insurance is working on four generations in the business of insurance, established in 1939 Laris Insurance is widely known in the commercial oil field business.

Now the business model appears to be expanding.

“We offer a package policy for racers that includes multiple lines such as Physical Damage, General Liability, Off Track & Storage, Property, and even Owners and Sponsor's Liability for on the Track," said Holden Laris. "Racers and their loved ones spend their hard earned money to own nice equipment to compete at any level of racing; their assets need insurance and someone who understands what they have invested.”

Laris Insurance seeks to provide a secure, comfortable feeling with quality insurance to racers for their racing assets.

“We hope that all types of racers and their loved ones will give us a chance to provide excellent, quality customer service from our family business to protect their families racing equipment and great lifestyle that we are passionately competing in night after night,” Laris explained.

Laris, who also races Super Comp and Super Gas, doesn't mind talking shop at the drag strip.

“I hope racers and fans alike will stop by our pits and converse about our ability to protect their assets," Laris explained. "I look forward to meeting new faces and starting new relationships with the racers in the Southeast Division. I want everyone to know that we are a racing family and a business family, we will treat and care for our customers just like we want to be treated."