Competition Eliminator racers in NHRA’s Division 4 will be competing for high-dollar prize money in the 2022 season.

Thanks to fellow Competition Eliminator racer and Pro Stock driver Rodger Brogdon the Competition Eliminator 2022 Bonus Fund has been established.

The framework for the bonus fund has Division 4 Competition Eliminator champion receiving $100,000 and the remaining money will be dispersed as follows: 

Runner Up - $50,000
3rd Place - $25,000
4th Place - $25,000
5th Place - $25,000
6th Place - $25,000
7th Place - $15,000
8th Place - $15,000
9th Place - $10,000
10th Place - $10,000

This Program is based on the total amount of money being committed by additional sponsors, to be at least $200,000. ROOFTEC, Brogdon’s company, has committed $100,000.

“I have created my own point system,” Brogdon said. “There are eight Division 4 races next year. There are six points races or divisional races and there are two national meets. Out of that eight you count your best six and you have run six to qualify. So, if you run five and don’t run six, even if you had enough points to win, you are not winning. I’m doing this to require people to show up and participate. If you run all eight, you count your best six and if you run six, you just count six. It’s a heck of a pay out.”

Sponsors are still needed.

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For sponsorship Information, contact Rodger Brogdon at: or text or call him at 713-444-3990.

“The 2021 Sportsman Bonus Fund was a huge success as far as bringing out the Comp racers,” Brogdon said. “I’m looking for other racers, vendors, manufacturers, engine builders etc. to step up and be a part of the 2022 program with me. In 2021, I invested over $250K for all the Sportsman classes combined. My goal for 2022 is to have a Prize Fund of $200K or more for the Comp Racers.”

Brogdon will race in the Division 4 Competition Eliminator class in his Jerry Haas-built unique 1966 Chevy II wagon.

“Last season when we ran it, we struggled a little bit with it, trying to find the right transmission that could hold up,” Brogdon said. “We bought some different ones and that should take care of the problem.”