SFG Promotions is getting out ahead of the talk focusing on illegal devices used as a performance advantage in big bucks bracket racing.

“It is no secret that in the last four4 years, thanks in large part to the innovation of SFG, payouts at big money bracket races have skyrocketed,” SFG said in a prepared statement. Let there be no confusion; we are proud of this and proud to have paid out over $7,000,000 to thousands of racers in our short history.

“Unfortunately, with these record-breaking payouts comes an increased reason for racers to utilize illegal devices to gain a competitive advantage. To be clear, we firmly believe that 99% of our great customers play by the rules, but we recognize that in any sport there will always be a few bad apples that try to ruin the fun for everyone else.

“The reality is that as advances in technology happen, some racers will be tempted to use their ability to manipulate the technology to gain an illegal advantage. Catching every cheater and every method in which cheating can happen is impossible. Where we see the solution coming from is in prevention. We are calling on the top big-money promoters, timing system manufacturers, and track operators to come together to establish better preventative measures that ensure that we stay ahead of the technology curve. This sport cannot be immune to the need to continuously be improving technology that ensures fairness. It is achievable but will require a group effort.”

In an attempt to level the playing field at their events, SFG Promotions plans to analyze time slips closer, which could determine a closer inspection of vehicles. Beyond this, there will be spot check technical inspections. SFG says point-blank there is a zero-tolerance for cheating.

“Let’s be honest, what the SFG team is really good at is race promotion and race/event management,” SFG’s statement said. “We are not a group of electrical engineers who know every single way to gain an illegal advantage, and because of this, we will never claim to catch every cheater. Anyone who does claim that is lying to you. What we can do is focus on how we can check and prevent to the best of our ability.

“Our team is constantly learning about new ways to identify methods of cheating and today we are announcing a few of the actions we will be employing to both check and prevent at our upcoming JEGS SFG $1.1 Million race June 29 - July 5 at US 131 MSP.” SFG officials say they believe the issue isn’t widespread, but there is enough for them to be more aggressive in their policing.

“We love big money bracket racing just as much as you do and we refuse to let the 1% of bad apples ruin it for the 99% of honest customers. We will not be perfect, but we will do our best to stay educated, check more, and continue the work of finding new methods of prevention.”

Racers are encouraged to read the 2020 Rules and Regulations before attending an SFG Promotions, Inc. event by visiting: https://racesfg.com/schedule/2020-SFG.pdf