For the fifth straight year, co-promoters Pete Biondo and Kyle Seipel have brought their Spring Fling brand of races to the west coast at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. What might be the gaming capital of the world plays very well to the hundreds of racers who have made the trek each year to race for big money; bracket racing style.

With the crowning of the second Spring Fling Million winner last night, Luke Bogacki, there still is one more day of the event. A day where someone will walk away with $20,000 for his or her efforts; and there are quite a few “hers” who are more than capable of winning.

First up for the day was the Spring Fling Reaction Time Challenge. Twenty randomly selected competitors were given one shot at the ‘tree. Any .00X reaction time gets that person a crisp piece of paper with a picture of Ben Franklin on it ($100). It gets even better for a perfect reaction time, where a Grover Cleveland photo is handed out ($1,000). Three people earned the $100; Christopher Northrup, Chris Borges and Kurt Gross. Steve Hayes put up a trip-zip perfect reaction time which got him ten $100 bills.

Down to two cars in the Pro 32 final and both hail from the state of Ohio. Brian Cireddu and “Nasty Nick” Hastings are certainly quite familiar with each other and Cireddu wasn’t taking any chances, using a .009 reaction time coupled with a dead-on the dial with a “4” preceded Hastings’ .022 light to win the class and move into the coveted seventh round of the Super Pro field where there remained nine cars left; Cireddu, Sean Shaffer, Greg Duffield, Alan Hoefer, Marco Perivolaris, Steve Casner, Mark Simonian, Thursday race winner Rayce Kidd and Greg Heaton.

After that seventh round, the survivors were Cireddu, Duffield, Perivolaris, and Shaffer, with Hoefer earning the bye run due to his .002 reaction time in the previous round. With the bye run based on the best reaction time, it would stand to reason that when Cireddu defeated Duffield with a .002 reaction time, he should have the bye except for the fact that he had already had a bye. However, when Perivolaris defeated Shaffer and Hoefer on a bye, each of the three drivers left had already had a bye run. The bye then reverts back to the best reaction time which indicates the Pro 32 winner Cireddu and his door car will be bottom-bulbing his way into the final against either Perivolaris or Hoefer.

The Pro 32 door cars have had quite a bit to say in regards to winning rounds this week as in the four races, the finals has consisted of two bottom bulb racers along with one of them in the semifinals of the Million. In that semi, Perivolaris used a .013 reaction to defeat Hoefer and end the hopes of a final with two door cars.

In the final, while Cireddu left first in part to his handicap advantage, it was the 22-year old Perivolaris who had the reaction time advantage and used it to score the big win.

“This is a dream come true,” said Perivoloris after the win. “It’s just amazing and I could not have done it without my sister Lela and mom Ellen and dad Nick.”

“Both Kyle and I,” says Biondo, “are very appreciative of the support we have always received from the racers. This was probably the best run event in terms of weather, car count and lack of incidents, and a lot of that is due to the quality of racers themselves. We know that a lot of them have traveled great distances to be here and we say this after every race but it can’t be overstated; we can’t thank each and every one of them enough.”

Next up on the Spring Fling schedule is the K&N Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries on May 2-6 at Galot Motorsports Park in Dunn, North Carolina.

“We’ll be meeting with LVMS staff later in the year to announce the dates for the 2018 version of the K&N Spring Fling Million,” said Biondo. “Once again, we thank everyone, sponsors, racers and our staff, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year.