Lester Barnes,

Despite riding a wave of success that has made her a force to be reckoned with during the last year, Jenny Treadwell remains humble and appreciative of simply being able to make a competitive pass down a dragstrip.

"It's pretty amazing. It's what I've always wanted to do," said Treadwell. "I grew up attending races with Dad and wanting to be a racer."

Treadwell, however, didn't attend races as a fan. Instead, she did it as a crewmember for her father, Glen Treadwell, who has had a successful racing career.

"From the time I grew up and was able to drive, I'd tell him, 'Come on, Dad, let me drive,' " she said.

But according to Jenny, her father wasn’t too much for it. "My guess would be that it was his way of being protective of me," she said.

Fully aware of his daughter's determination and desire to be in the cockpit of a race car, Glen gave her the opportunity to drive in 2006.

"We started with a couple of races here and there, but to me it was like, 'Finally, I get to race,' " said Treadwell, who works as a paralegal in Mt. Plymouth, Fla. "It felt like it was what I was supposed to do. It felt great." 

It would be a couple of years before she ran at least 10 events, enough for her to feel like she was a full-time racer, and when she finally did, her ascent up the Comp ranks began.

Since 2008, only once has Treadwell failed to finish in the top 10 in the NHRA Division 2 Comp standings, and last year she secured her place in the history books when she won the Division 2 championship.

"It was always a goal of mine to win the championship, but it was still just kind of surreal to do it," said Treadwell, whose Treadwell Nurseries 2001 Undercover dragster is powered by engines built by her father Glen and is run with the help of crew chief Denny Witt.

Additionally, Treadwell's mother Sharon helps wherever needed and her sister Jammie handles statistics for the team, and Glen has made a lot friends throughout the country during his racing career that Jenny is fortunate to have extra help at every race.

At the conclusion of the recent Division 2 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at Gainesville Raceway in Florida, where she lost in the third round to eventual event winner David Rampy, Treadwell was ranked No. 1 in the division, was No. 5 in the nation and working her way up, and No. 1 in the JEGS Allstars standings, an event she'd like to be a part of. 

"It would be fantastic. Dad has raced in it many times, but not me," said Treadwell, who would love the opportunity to face the best of the best in Comp at the Allstars event. "I always try to do my best. I've always been very competitive. 

"After winning the Division 2 championship last year, people said I'd now have a target on my back, but I don't really feel like I have a target because I always put pressure on myself to do better. I like the pressure; the harder the challenge, the more I enjoy it."

Just like she'd enjoy winning another championship and continue making her father proud.