Pat Musi is a byproduct of his environment. Growing up tough was not an option; it was a requirement from the Carteret, New Jersey native. A lifelong car enthusiast, Musi grew his love of the automobile into a passion for street racing, then racing Modified Production, and then Pro Stock. 

Musi credits his drag racing tenacity with his tough upbringing of working for his father. He asserts he likely got fired once a week from a job where he carried everything from oxygen bottles to wood, and that likely contributed to his healthy assault and battery record, a record he chuckles about.

In addition to eight series championships as a Pro Street racer, Musi boasts an unsuccessful record on the People's Court but was a star, nonetheless. Speaking of television records, Musi later found a role with the No PrepKings.

In this second episode of Season 7, Legends: The Series, Musi opens up about his career in drag racing and innovation. He's brash and bold but, most of all... entertaining.