Bob Glidden was as blue collar of a drag racer as one could be. And, what made his status more impressive, is he did it on the big stage of NHRA professional drag racing. 

Glidden remains a throwback when championships were earned by hard work and not so deep pockets. There were deep pockets, yes ... but they generally belonged to those trying to catch him. 

Glidden was never a man of statistics, although he established many of them which hold true to this date. From a humble beginning as a drag racer who tried his hand at professional racing on a shoestring budget to the man with whom everyone wanted to dethrone, Glidden raised the level of Pro Stock to a level many could never fathom in 1971. Glidden was so dominant that he pushed others to cheat just to beat him, and they did. Try as they might, they could never break the work ethic of the man nicknamed as the Mad Dog for his tendency to race like a rabid dog. 

In the final episode of Season Two of Legends: The Series, you'll see Glidden open up in the way you would expect a man who spent his career being a straight shooter.