I was becoming a fan of Matt Hagan . After reading this article I have lost all respect for him. He lost fair and square. To sit there now and cry that the Ford cars played games is pure bs. He is just a sore loser plain and simple. Yeah he was close, yeah he is disappointed but get over it. The bottom line is that Matt and his team didn’t come through when it counted. That’s the difference between a 15 time champion and another pretender. - John Dougherty

I think Hagan showed all of us what it is to be a sore loser and now he is trying to cover his tracks. - Tom Byers

I would not have been sad to see Matt with the World Championship, but when Force won it, I was actually thrilled for him.  With everything he has been through in the last few years that Team really needed that.  Hoping Matt can take it next year.  He is an awesome talent.  And what about that Lagana Family.  Gotta love those boys.  They make us little racers very proud.  Inspiring. - Jan Peterson

John Force didn't "pull any rabbits" out of his hat!  He did what he does.  He won!  ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAGE!!!  End of conversation. - Keetie Kelly


It is nice to see a competitor take the high road once in awhile and remember that when that camera is in your face, you are representing the NHRA and all the drag racers in the country.
I have always been a fan of Force Racing but the "Stand Up Man" Matt Hagen has shown me makes him a close second. Keep your head high and in the fight and your day in the light will be all that more special!

Congrats to the year John and Matt gave us. Kept us watching right down to the last race. - Jason Azbill

He cannot say what he wanted to because DSR has tried to corner the market in drag racing like Force has. I watched the race and there was NO game playing. He folded under the pressure. Drag racing is the ONLY motorsport where you have a 50-50 chance of winning. - Marty Neely

I thought he gave more time than a great number of drivers would have. And was very composed and classy during the interview. A true credit to the sport. Quite the opposite of Tony Pedregon being too stupid to know cameras were rolling when he smarted off to Force. - Mark Price

GRASSHOPPER.....soon you will be able to walk the rice paper. - Chris Cherry

Hi, It's quite understandable that he didn't want to speak to the media when he lost in first round. What a heartbreaking thing to happen to happen him. BUT, in this article he said that he didn't want to upset anyone including "CORPORATE AMERICA". Look what they (Corporate America) have done to America. They are ruining our love for drag racing, circle track racing and other things. What happened to freedom of speech? Thanks for your website. - Kathy Petro

My feeling is that if Hagan would have moved in and staged as he had for three days, the outcome would have been different. They sure sat there for a long time before they staged. If Hagan would have staged right away, Tasca would have had to follow suit and stage. Then maybe Hagan's engine would not have expired. - Tom Schiltz

The teams of Force & Schumacher they have very good drivers. Don should go after the tuning Dept. After Austin resigned Force is going to have to get someone to hold that camp together, and rule like Austin did. I was involved with the funny cars and boats when Don was driving. I watch the races a lot and see a lot of mistakes the tuners make over and over. Look at the Pedregons and other owners what they do with a small budget. - Chuck Anderson

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