I don't see the problem. If I would have been able to vote I wouldn't have voted for Dixon either. –Joe Keightley

Unfortunately, this is just the level of respect that NHRA, Drag Racing, and its sponsors get from the media. And people wonder why it is so hard to get a sponsor! This sport gets no respect at all, and that's why all the sponsors spend their money elsewhere. All of the companies that have the budget to sponsor a race team with are buddies with all of the advertising agents, and if they feel that the NHRA is a bad investment, they let all of their buddies know it. In the world of major motorsports, Drag Racing barely rates a glance. Sad but true. –Steve Boggs

Knight strikes a responsive chord. As one who has both sat at an editor's desk and handled PR for racers, I see a wholesale lack of imagination and follow through on the part of many of today's "PR Professionals" who seem content to crank out meaningless drivel and overlook "the big picture." - Bill Holland

I agree!  Larry Dixon is a great driver with super stats to back him up, yet he gets no recognition.  This really stinks!  If Tony Shoemacher got anywhere close to these stats we'd all be hearing about it. I'm convinced it's all about who has the best publicist, and who makes the most noise.  There are much better stories out there than Jimmie Johnson, who wouldn't have won the championship anyway if Denny Hamlin hadn't handed it to him by his stupid move early in the race. Either Larry Dixon, John Force, or Greg Anderson had more compelling stories this year. - John Martin

The term used was political, how very appropriate. But you forgot to mention money. Money fuels the political voting. Drag Racing is the best automotive sport out there, yes we have our problems, but I get so bored watching cars drive around in circles. Road courses are much better entertainment. Kyle Busch, as a DOY, was head and shoulders above that, oh yawn yawn, choice named Johnson. Even the name is synonymous with boredom. And by the way, we all ain't Farce fans either. Now Larry Dixon however has had a banner year of which is comparable only to Kyle Busch's banner year. But like you said, it is not performance that counts, it is politics, and like I said, it is money. - Mark Elms

It could be that the owner is not a member of the GOOD OLD BOY club! - Marty Neely


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