My brother and I raced with Dale in the 60's and 70's. Force once said "Pulde is the best driver in drag racing". Not only is he a great driver, he is one of the most personable and smartest in the profession. Great to see that he is on the mend. - Mike Runyan

Thank you for telling this story.  There are many people with undiagnosed Valley Fever.  Pulde's experience may  help others recognize what is going on.  Anyone who has visited Arizona or parts of California who has a cough and is losing weight and is extremely tired should ask their doctor to rule out valley Fever. - Sandra Larson

Great article about Dale Pulde. One of the all-time great guys in drag racing. He invited my son and I into his trailer in Rockingham about 30 or so years ago. A true Gentleman. Thanks for sharing your story and may God bless you real good. - Ron Sharp

Great to see Dale Pulde back into the seat and thanks to Competition Plus for putting the Valley Fever story out there. I think you have probably saved alot of lives all over the U.S. and Canada. - Frank Kunkel

What a great article.....Why NHRA has not made him a legend on the 2011 Tour is beyond me,he is by far one of the best the sport has ever seen, remember he was tuning and driving long before Neff, Wilkerson and some other great tuner / drivers out there today.  Have known him since the Charlie Wilson days.  I have always said if I hit the LOTTO Dale Pulde would run the team and if he could he would be the "SHOE" ... - Mike D'Addario

Being able to race against the War Eagle was cool enough. Being able to race against the War Eagle with Dale making his return to the seat was just out of this world for me and the entire Chi-Town Hustler team. It made the Norwalk event that much more special. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that has a bad word to say about Pulde, the racing world is better with him and his car and crew out there! - Mike Minick

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