I applaud Brian for taking his own steps to secure the safety of his driver and his willingness to share the info. 

If at this time we again mention that they are as others STILL waiting for NHRA to do or say something it will sound like NHRA bashing again. We folks here is the reality of it, it is not bashing but the truth.  Same ole, same ole story again and again.  BTW: Look at the Top Fuel regs and tell me that is nothing more than protecting your own lower extremities....

How can an organization that has gotten so much input from people not of THEIR chosing telling them they are going in the wrong direction and still they refuse to acknowledge this information is out there......

I don't care about he said or she said, ALL I care about is the safety of our drivers and the sport and not does this make me look bad? – Jim Burke


Tubular Tales indeed! The quest for answers continues to rage even though yards of discussions and acres of information have been submitted. In the midst of all of this angst, the powers that be in NHRA Pro continue to lack in leadership and direction. The hands that control the direction of NHRA have changed and yet there is no course adjustment nor have there been changes to the Plan of the Day.  One would think that under great pressure from the Professional ranks and the media the new owners would take the safety issues by the horns and wrestle with them until all of the demons had been exorcised.  How can the sport bear this type of neglect when NHRA claims they are moving to the next level? This is unacceptable. Letting the racers do their own R&D in order to save their own lives? The Who said it best..."Meet the old boss...same as the new boss.” - David Gutierrez


NHRA only COLLECTS money they don't spend THEIR money except on themselves Never changes. GREED - Merle Mangels




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