I believe this countdown format is going to alienate some fans and sponsors. The reduced exposure the non-countdown teams get will prove to be a hard sell to perspective sponsors as well as current sponsors. The problems have already been documented. With out sponsors there are no competitors. Most fans I speak with are totally opposed to this "luck of the draw" format. Without a fan base there is no audience (exposure) for the sponsors.  This sport has always been "survival of the fittest" and now it's, who has the most luck at the end of the season. The championship should go to the team with the most consistent track performance (round wins, qualifying points, race wins etc.) at the end of the season. I don't think this new format needs to be "tweaked.” I think it needs to be "TRASHED". - Dan Hewitt

I don't like the countdown. I also don't like the points system. I think it should be based solely on rounds won. No points for qualifying or going rounds. The reward for qualifying well is lane choice and racing a car that qualified lower. No points for records. The reward is your name in the record books. Simply base it on rounds won.

If there has to be a play-off system, do it like they do in MLB or NBA. Take the top 8 best won-loss records in each Pro class - three races for the championship. At the first race, 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc. You race your opponent for either best 2 of 3 at the first race, best 3 of 5 at the second race, best 4 of 7 at the final. The winner advances to the next race. The top seed gets lane choice in the first round of reach race but they alternate lanes for the rest of the rounds. Everyone who didn't qualify for the playoffs stays home. 



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