FEEDBACK ARTICLE - Up Front with Jon Asher 

I just read your article and I continue to wonder why the Glendora suits don't at least consider paying more attention to the sponsors.  Having just hired a lady to do just that, she will be at least a year in getting feed back....another year in getting somebody to listen, another year of losing another sponsor to NASCAR or another series where their ROI is better because nobody listened, another year looking for her replacement because the suits didn't like what she was saying.....etc.

Keep the good stuff coming. - John Blake





" I continue too wonder why the Glendora suits don't at least 
condider paying more attention to the sponsors."

Your line.  My answer:  They think they ARE paying attention to the 
sponsors, so if they think they're already doing a good job, why 
would they change?

Last year there was a sponsor meeting during which a senior member of 
the marketing department outright lied to those in attendance.  The 
worst part of it was they knew they were being lied to, which 
resulted in an even more negative attitude towards the organization, 
but NHRA just didn't appear to "get it."
- Jon Asher