Are you taking your cars to the extreme? Then, why not use an oil specially formulated for just that, extremes. Royal Purple’s New XPR (Extreme Performance and Racing oils) are formulated for ultra-performance applications such as racing, high-performance engines, modified engines and off-road use. It produces winning results on the racetrack and is safe enough to use in your daily commuter car.

Professional engine builders and race teams have cited increased horsepower and torque, and longer engine life with the use of Royal Purple According to multi-year IHRA Top Fuel Champion Clay Millican, “When we began using Royal Purple, I couldn’t believe the difference. Run any oil back to back with Royal Purple and you’ll see a difference.” Independent tests on racing engines show as much as an 80% reduction in wear by using Royal Purple's XPR oils compared to other racing oils.

XPR's high film strength makes it exceptionally well-suited for high performance cars and trucks, particularly turbo and supercharged engines and / or engines using a nitrous boost.   It's also the go-to oil when performance enhancements have been made to an engine such as a stroker, cam with stiffer springs, high compression pistons, etc.  

XPR combines the highest quality synthetic base oil, Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec© additive technology and additional performance enhancers to create a lubricant that maximizes horsepower and torque, while providing the highest level of protection against heat and wear. XPR provides more protection than conventional motor oils — mineral or synthetic — including those combined with aftermarket additives.

XPR is available in 0W10, 5W20, 5W30, 10W40 and 20W50 viscosities.  Royal Purple suggests following manufacturer and / or engine builders recommendations when selecting oil viscosity. Their technical support department is available to provide recommendations on modified engines and can be reached at [email protected]  or 888-382-6300.