TCI® Introduces New PRO-X™ Powerglide

New transmission pan with HDT Coating™ makes gasket leakage a thing of the past

pro-xpowerglidefluidpan.jpgOne of the sad facts in drag racing is that Powerglide transmission pans leak. Conventional transmission pan gaskets are prone to deform and leak if tightened just a hair too much; and even if a decent seal is achieved, you can count on lots of scraping and dealing with messy sealing compounds the next time you need to pull the pan for a fluid or filter change, which may be just a race or two away. As part of its PRO-X™ line of hardcore racing components, the new Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan from TCI® makes these and other transmission pan problems a thing of the past.
The TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan features an industry-exclusive o-ring seal that makes it easy to achieve a leak-free seal every time, regardless of how flat or uneven the gasket mating surface may be. The durable, 1-piece o-ring can be reused several times, saving the time, hassle, and cost of replacing a gasket every time you need to pull the pan on your Powerglide.

The TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan also features the TCI® proprietary metallic-gray Heat Dissipating Technology™ (HDT) coating, which has been proven to reduce transmission operating temperatures by a wide margin over competitor’s coatings. Additional features that help reduce operating temperature and extend transmission life are cooling fins and an additional 2 quarts of fluid capacity over the stock Powerglide pan. Constructed from extra-rigid sand-cast aluminum, the TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan will also add structural rigidity to your Powerglide case, further strengthening it against the severe load of a high-horsepower drag racing engine. Included with the transmission pan are a reusable o-ring seal, transmission filter and filter spacer, and stainless steel mounting hardware. For more information about the TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit them online at