racepak.jpgThe Racepak Street Dash is a complete dash replacement. This advanced display provides all the functions of a stock dash and more. It is compact, easy to install and takes the place of 21 gauges. It is provided with everything required to display engine RPM, water tempera­ture, oil temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage.

By using the electronic speed sensor sending unit on your transmission it will also provide speedometer, odometer, and trip odometer functionality. The display on the street dash is programmed at the factory. The screen display is customizable with optional programming software available from Racepak. Speedometer and odometer calibration does not require the programming software.

Fuel level is measured with the stock tank sending unit.
Indicator lights for turn signals, parking brake, high beam, low oil pressure, high oil temperature, high water temperature, and low battery voltage.
Outputs for a shift light and an electronic fan controller relay.
Additional functions, such as pressures and temperatures, can be displayed on the street dash by adding Racepak’s optional pre-programmed V-Net modules and sensors.
For more information on Racepak’s line of high-performance components contact: Racepak, 30402 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 92688 or call 949-709-5555