blowthrough.jpgBlow-through superchargers are a fast, efficient way to make huge power. The downside is getting the carburetor dialed-in for the street and the track. Now Quick Fuel Technology has a solution. The new custom calibrated Q-Series Blow-Through Carburetor requires significantly less tuning out of the box when paired with a supercharger or turbo. Best of all, it's factory-approved for Vortech and Paxton superchargers.

The Q-Series Blow-Through starts with a symmetrical main body with contoured, equalized venturies and no choke horn. QFT fits the carb with CNC machined annular boosters - upgraded with 13 holes each - improving fuel atomization and fuel delivery through the carburetor. A machined crossover in the metering block also supplies more fuel to the venturi while keeping jet sizes reasonable.

The Blow-Through Series is also fitted with contoured float bowls that minimize fuel turbulence, fully round throttle shafts with Teflon bearings (to improve airflow and prevent throttle pinning), and flush-mount blade screws to decrease turbulance under full boost. QFT seals the main and idle well caps in the metering block with epoxy to keep them from blowing out in high-pressure applications, and enlarged restrictions in the power valve channel allow you to run smaller primary jets for improved street drivability. Using a Q-Series with a blow-through supercharger or turbo makes more power, achieves a linear power curve, and maximizes performance on the street and the racetrack.

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