New RHS™ Gen III Assembled Heads Feature COMP Cams® Valve Train Components

New assembled heads combine state-of-the-art design and premium, race-proven COMP

Cams® valve train parts

The product of two great performance companies working together, RHS™ announces the availability of its new Assembled Pro Elite™ Gen III Cylinder Heads (for LS1, LS2 and LS6 engines), which feature components from the leader in high performance valve train technology, COMP Cams®. These ready-to-bolt-on, fully CNC-machined RHS™ cylinder heads are available in either 210cc and 225cc intake runner volumes and incorporate a raised valve cover rail and rolled valve angle (11-degrees as opposed to the stock 15-degree angle) to provide the ultimate port design and resulting power from these popular LS-family engines.

The RHS™ Assembled Pro Elite™ Cylinder Heads feature premium COMP Cams® components, not low grade, “white box” products as found with some other aftermarket assembled cylinder head offerings. Included with the RHS™ Assembled Pro Elite™ Gen III Cylinder Heads are COMP Cams® one-piece, stainless steel valves, state-of-the-art Beehive™ or high performance dual valve springs (dependent on your camshaft selection), steel or titanium retainers, bronze valve guides and COMP’s tried and true 7-degree, machined steel valve locks. For more information about the new RHS™ Pro Elite™ Gen III Cylinder Heads, call us at 1-877-776-4323, or visit us online at