Classic Instruments has unveiled an all-new 1969-’70 Ford Mustang package.
This 1969-70 Ford Mustang direct-fit package is an all-electric cluster featuring a speedometer and tachometer with a set of two dual gauges reading fuel/oil and temp/volts. It has green HaloTM turn signal indicator(s) and a red high beam indicator in the speedometer. Mounting hardware and a wiring harness is included to install with the original bezel and diffuser and setup is a breeze with push-button speedometer calibration and built-in ECM signal filter switch. All other necessary sending units are included with a Classic Instruments Ford sending unit kit, part no. SNFDNF, no fuel sending unit. Fuel gauge is calibrated to 75-10 ohm. Save space with Classic Instruments’ Zeus Speedometer Technology built-in, meaning the cluster requires no external control boxes and works directly with ECM or VSS signals. This package is available in 7 different design series plus an OE style.
This new package can be purchased from Classic Instruments direct or through any one of its authorized dealers.
Classic Instruments has been handcrafting in America since 1977. The company offers a full line of catalog order instrumentation for a wide range of Ford and Chevy model cars and pick-up trucks, plus over 100 universal fit instruments. The Classic Instruments’ line also includes many specialty items such as performance series instruments, Zeus speedometer technology, and Fuel-Link. Classic Instruments can build virtually anything through their dedicated Instrument Customization Unit. Whether it’s a direct-fit set, retro-fit, or complete custom their team is ready to help add “The finishing touch” TM to any project.
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