You now can pull main caps in HALF the time with this Quick–Lug quick disconnect Main Cap Pulling System.

For 50 years, Jim Murphy and his team have been pulling Main Caps in PRO engines the same way they did in 1972. You thread in the slid hammed puller and bam pull the cap and unthread the cap from the puller.
Now there is a better, faster way. Here is how the system works. You install a Quick-Lug puller lug into each main cap in the 5/16-18 thread hole. The Quick-Lug puller head threads directly onto your slide hammer puller. Then slide the Puller Head over the Lug fully engaging the Head with the Lug (as pictured) before applying the slide hammer. Then hammer away. Once the cap is removed, the main cap will easily slip out of the Quick-Lug head. This unit may also be used to re-install the main cap.  May the ‘Bottom End Guy’ become a mighty steed of speed with the Quick-Lug System. 

The Puller Kit supplies one puller head and 5 lugs, one for each main cap in one engine block. Equip additional engine blocks for the Quick-Lug system by purchasing a 5 Lug Set for each engine block.

There 2 ways to order the tool:

Send an e-mail request to:, or call Daniel at Jim Murphy Racing  707–889–7500