McLeod Racing has expanded its extensive twin-disc clutch line to incorporate the new McLeod SFT 2000. The SFT 2000 by McLeod brings a whole new level of holding power to the street/strip twin-disc clutch market. The Street Fighter Twin, as we call it, can hold an amazing 2,000 HP while still being very street-friendly.

Debuted at the PRI Show, the SFT 2000 inherits the McLeod standard for twin disc technology. Equipped with two ceramic discs, the unit has a 10.5” pressure plate, compliant with factory hydraulics, and will fit in the factory bellhousing.

The semi-metallic discs are great for smooth engagement and high horsepower street driving, yet provide the material needed to win races.

“With the long history and success of our twin-disc clutch technology, we wanted to bring customers another option for their car needs,” says Paul Lee, McLeod Racing’s President. “We now have an option for every horsepower and driving need. McLeod is known for having the broadest and most reliable twin disc clutches on the market. You can’t copy experience, and McLeod has nearly 50 years of it.”

The SFT 2000 is easy to shift at high RPM, includes a performance flywheel, and is rebuildable for racing use. The kit is available for Mustang, early GM, and LS.

In addition to the SFT 2000, McLeod continues to produce its flagship products, the RST, RXT, and RXT 1200.

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