In the world of racing and performance enthusiasts, Factory Harmonic Damper Bolts have become a major area of concern for two primary reasons. Firstly, these bolts must withstand the tremendous clamping force exerted during high RPM crankshaft flexing and twisting. Secondly, they are subjected to additional wear and tear when manually rotating the crank for tasks such as adjusting valve lash or setting timing. Frequently, this results in the bolt head becoming rounded off, leading to compromised wrenching.

Acknowledging these issues, well-known fastener manufacturer ARP has stepped in to offer a pair of effective solutions. The first solution is a specially designed 12-point bolt that requires a deep socket. It is available for a wide range of domestic and import engines. For many popular applications, an alternative option is offered in the form of a large hex-headed bolt, forged to fit a standard 1/2" square drive breaker bar or ratchet wrench.

Both bolts are meticulously crafted from premium grade 8740 chrome moly steel and are heat-treated in ARP's own facilities. This process ensures a nominal tensile strength of 190,000 pounds per square inch (psi). To distribute the load over a wider area, ARP includes a generously proportioned 1/4" thick washer. Furthermore, the bolts and washers are given a protective black oxide finish.

ARP offers a complimentary printed catalog showcasing their vast range of over 5,000 fasteners, which can be obtained upon request. For personalized technical assistance, individuals can reach out to ARP's dedicated support team at 800-826-3045.

ARP's innovative solutions aim to alleviate the concerns of racers and performance enthusiasts, providing them with reliable and durable options when it comes to Factory Harmonic Damper Bolts.

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