The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years is a brilliant, high-quality 285-page hardcover book detailing the early years of the Aussie drag racing legend’s career at the wheel of his trio of tough, record-setting GT and Ford factory-backed GTHO Falcons in the late 1960s/early 1970s during the muscle car era.

Ormsby’s Falcons were tough and earned the support of Ford head office through Big Al Turner, the man responsible for the Lincoln/Mercury Funny Car program, who moved to Australia to run Ford’s down under racing program.

The book also features racing results of the day, extracts of race reports from RODsports magazine, rare photos, and never-seen-before documents such as Ormsby’s ground-breaking Ford contract and the formation of ANDRA

It also pays tribute to Ormbsy's fellow Aussie drag racing stars of the era, such as “Dyno Dave” Bennett, Ron Harrop, Don Figgins, Graham Withers, Ian Splatt, Pommie Peter Allen, Geoff Ryde, Morrie Allen, and more!

Ormsby won five Australian Nationals in four different classes – Stock, Pro Stock (Australia’s first Pro Stock title), Competition, and Top Fuel (twice) – and the 1979 Australian Top Fuel Championship. 

He was a founding member of ANDRA and its first Chairman of Honour, is a member of the Goodyear 5-Second Club, and also set the world speed record for trucks driving the jet-powered Ford LTL9000 “Waltzing Matilda”.

A member of the ANDRA Hall of Fame, Ormsby was inducted into the Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame last year, joining the elite of Australian motor racing.

The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years is a must have for all Drag Racing, Muscle Car, and Ford fans!

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American readers don’t be put off by the high price, with the current USD/AUD exchange rate the book will cost USD $85-90 delivered to your door. When compared with Aussies having to pay around $100 Aussie dollars for a NHRA style $33 t-shirt to be delivered down under, the Ormsby book is exceptional value for money!