Supply chain issues have disrupted some of drag racing's traction compound suppliers. VP Racing Fuels isn't one of them, according to Bruce Hendel, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for VP Racing.

VP confirmed today that tracks can order VP's new LCHR traction compound or LC7 by calling VP's regional offices.

"As the industry leader in race fuel and traction compounds, VP maintains the largest inventory in the world, ready to ship," said Bruce Hendel, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for VP Racing. "Our traction compounds are always in big demand, and our R&D department has worked around the clock to ensure we have plenty in stock, despite the global component shortage. Our chief chemist developed LCHR, a high-resin track prep that delivers the same application and performance level as our popular LC7, expanding our track prep options, and they are all ready to ship." 

VP became proactive when it appeared shortages were going to be prevalent in the industry by developing what they described as a new, proprietary formula that doesn't rely on those components in overwhelming demand. Their new LCHR formula has a sustainable inventory, thus bypassing any future shortages. 

While some drag strips have been forced to cancel events, VP said it has maintained an adequate supply to keep its LCHR traction compounds in the hands of its customers. 
"We have enough LCHR and LC7 to keep tracks running, welcome new track customers, and will fulfill orders as quickly as possible," added Hendel. 

For more information in North America and to place your traction compound orders, contact VP's regional offices: 

VP Central (TX)
Phone: (210) 635-7744 Ext 101
Email: VPHQ@vpracingfuels.com

VP East (DE)
Phone: (302) 368-1500
Email: VPAtlantic@vpracingfuels.com

VP Midwest (IN)
Phone: (812) 466-1175
Email: VPMidwest@vpracingfuels.com

VP South (TN)
Phone: (731) 315-2300
Email: VPSouth@vpracingfuels.com

VP West Coast (CA)
Phone: (951) 696-5100
Email: VPPacific@vpracingfuels.com

For technical questions, contact: tractiontech@vpracingfuels.com.

For more information about VP Racing Fuels and its products for racers, enthusiasts, and general consumers, visit www.vpracingfuels.com.