The staff of Competition Plus would like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Today it’s vitally important that we all stop and reflect upon the blessings we receive each and every day. Often, as we deal with the complexities of modern life we overlook many of the things that should be most important to us, the things that really matter.

No matter where you live and how you celebrate, please take some time this Thanksgiving to give thanks for a loving family, close friends, good health, a secure home, and the privileges we enjoy as American citizens.

Please also give thanks and pray for the safety of those men and women who are serving our country in dangerous, war-torn countries around the world. They are the finest the United Sates has to offer, and we owe them our unwavering loyalty and support. We must also remember those who have made the supreme sacrifice while carrying out their duties, and their loved ones at home. The debt of gratitude we owe them can never be repaid.

So enjoy the day, revel in the warmth and closeness of family, the fun and camaraderie of friends, and yes, the food and the football, but please don’t forget to pause and think about how and why we’re able to enjoy this day in the first place. Happy Thanksgiving!