It was to be the Thanksgiving weekend to remember and a celebration of 25 years of power and performance.  There were vehicles that produce 5 G’s of force with over 8,000 horsepower. They could clear the ¼ mile in just five seconds. The one thing that wasn’t clear was the weather. 

After battling last night and succumbing to multiple downpours Sunday morning, the proverbial towel had to be thrown. There was no end in sight and estimated time to dry a track that kept having rain dumped on it, exceeded 5 hours. The Murray’s Speed & Custom Mountain Dew Citrus Nationals would ultimately have the racing postponed until a later date.

Gates will open on Saturday, December 16th to run the following classes: Super Pro, Pro, Pro Bike, Street Bike Jr. Dragsters and the Seminole Tribe Quick 16 as well as the NHRA King of the Track. Originally scheduled for that date was Midnight Madness and Outlaw Street Drags, which are now cancelled. New entries will be allowed on the above-mentioned classes with the exception of the Quick 16 class, which was able to go into first round.

Spectator tickets will be honored at this date or may be redeemed through March 15, 2007. The ticket must be presented at the gate. The next upcoming event is the Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep Mopar Show, presented by Jon Smith Subs and the Gater 98.7fm, on Sunday, December 10th.