img_4720.jpgSponsor extraordinaire and Pro Stock team owner Evan Knoll can’t help but have concerns about his future in Pro Stock. In a recent interview, Knoll alluded that the NHRA Pro Stock field might just be battling for a third place finish at best. That has him carefully examining his future in the class.
“I have some concerns with three cars coming out of the Cagnazzi camp and if you ask me, it’s hard enough to put two competitive cars out there much less three. I have some concerns. We’ll see how that works out at the end of the year.”
Knoll expects the Summit Pontiacs of Greg Anderson and Jason Line to drive to the title virtually unchallenged.
“I have to give it to Anderson and Line, those guys are just badass,” Knoll said. “When you look at who they have involved in the operation – Ken Black, Greg Anderson and Jason Line – they are rightfully ahead of everyone. That’s a package that’s equal to a Thanksgiving dinner, you just can’t beat it. The only thing I have…and I’m in third place…and I’m not ashamed to say it is a turkey leg and a giblet. I still want some dressing and potatoes.
“They have the whole package and it’s because they work hard and they are great people. My hat’s off to them. They conduct themselves very professional.”
Knoll is convinced that no other engine builder can come close to them.
“I don’t really see anyone out there that can overtake them,” Knoll said. “There are some that can get in striking distance but that’s all. Nobody is close to overtaking them. Take a look at the numbers. They are pocketing a few hundredths that we haven’t seen yet. It’s like the Jetsons racing the Flintstones. That’s the truth from an old hillbilly that’s chased a championship for two years.
Knoll is throwing down the gauntlet.
“If there’s an engine builder that can beat them,” Knoll continued. “Show me. I want to see it. Talk is cheap but the facts are more expensive. It ain’t hard to get in the top ten but the top ten or top five don’t mean a thing to me. The only thing that matters to me is number one and performing like number one.”
That’s where the rumor mill takes over. Unsubstantiated rumors suggest Black is in the market to add two cars under his championship umbrella. With Knoll’s comments, it stands to make one wonder if the Torco leader is planning to unload his team and driver Dave Connolly. That is one of the stories that time will tell on.