The 2023 professional drag racing season concluded on a high note at In-N-Out Pomona Dragstrip as the Drag Race Bracket Bonanza (DRBB) reached its season-ending event. The six-race playoffs showcased action both on and off the track, culminating in two DRBB players claiming victory. 

Nitrostalgic, known as Terry I., and AlkeyAlex, also known as Alex Owens, emerged as the top contenders in the DRBB Overall Series, earning the most points throughout the playoffs. As a reward, they were presented with championship belts signed by the 2023 NHRA world champions Doug Kalitta, Matt Hagan, Erica Enders, and Gaige Herrera. Notably, this year's competition saw the first Canadian and European winners.

Reflecting on the successful season, Drag Race Bracket Bonanza creator Elon Werner expressed his satisfaction.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the first Drag Race Bracket Bonanza season,” said Werner. “Over the course of the seven races we grew every race. We saw great momentum over the final three races with record signups and completed brackets race over race. The interest and participants exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to get started in 2024 and we will for sure be back better than ever.”

Among the World Finals winners, Kevin F. from Pershore, Worcestershire in the United Kingdom emerged victorious in the Overall Series, as he consistently demonstrated his skills throughout the season. Jason M. from Canada triumphed in the Pro Stock category at the World Finals, while Tracy L. secured first place in Top Fuel. The Funny Car title went to Adam L. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Clay D. finished at the top of the Pro Stock Motorcycle division. The winners' plaques from the World Finals carried the signatures of race champions Doug Kalitta, Chad Green, Aaron Stanfield, and Gaige Herrera.

In a social media post, Auto Imagery photographer Alex Owens expressed their satisfaction with their second-place finish in the inaugural Drag Race Bracket Bonanza.



"Winding down from another full NHRA season on the road," he wrote. "Between the friendships created and championship title chases ending in Pomona, it's been a fun season. To top it off, I placed second in the inaugural Drag Race Bracket Bonanza. Every Sunday, during the countdown races, I viewed the pro ladders, researched, and picked who I thought was going to win each round. I entered Pomona 15th and was just hoping for a Top 10 finish. Somehow, I lucked my way into the runner-up spot out of nearly 2,000 participants. I now have some really cool hardware to add to my collection. Thanks to Elon Werner for the hard work and dedication to the sport we all love. I'll be back next year trying to secure an event winner plate, which eluded me this season!"

Looking ahead to the next season of DRBB, fans from across the country and around the world will have the opportunity to make their picks when qualifying concludes. The DRBB design team is currently working on creating the option for people to form their own groups, while also streamlining and redesigning the functionality of making picks. 

Additionally, for the first time in drag racing bracket games, DRBB will be available for the four-wide national events. The marketing team is exploring the possibility of introducing additional mini-series throughout the 21-race season to provide immediate winners.

The primary goals of DRBB remain centered around creating an enjoyable game for drag racing enthusiasts, driving fan engagement online through social media posts, and encouraging fans to tune into NHRA broadcasts on FOX and FS1. Fans are invited to share their favorite DRBB memories or upset stories on DRBB's social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

For statistics, updates, and information, fans can follow Drag Race Bracket Bonanza on Twitter at @dragracebb or on Instagram and Facebook at @DragRaceBracketBonanza.