The JCM Racing team has signed the Leatherwood Distillery as an associate sponsor ahead of this weekend's NHRA Midwest Nationals outside St. Louis, Mo. Leatherwood Distillery branding will appear on both  Tony Schumacher's SCAG Power Equipment Top Fuel dragster and Tim Wilkerson's SCAG Power Equipment/Levi, Ray & Shoup Ford Funny Car for the duration of the event.

"This new partnership brings together two of my favorite things – sipping Tennessee bourbon and watching the JCM Racing cars go down the track," Joe Maynard, the team owner of JCM Racing, said. "I'm really excited about what Leatherwood Distillery is doing and what they represent. I couldn't be prouder to introduce this brand to the NHRA community at St. Louis and beyond."

Leatherwood Distillery, headquartered in Clarksville, Tenn., specializes in crafting a diverse range of spirits, including bourbon, rye, moonshine, rum, and more. Founded by retired Green Beret Andrew Lang, the distillery has a unique origin story. During his deployment in Afghanistan, Lang constructed a makeshift still to purify water for drinking, occasionally diverting his skills to distill moonshine using locally sourced ingredients such as corn, wheat, rolled oats, and dried molasses. 

Following his retirement from the Green Berets, Lang turned his passion into a business, establishing Leatherwood Distillery. The distillery's product line boasts offerings like 911 Apple Pie Moonshine, Check Point Rye Whiskey, Jalapeno Lemon Rum, and Vanilla Whip Moonshine.



Maynard, who recently acquired a co-ownership position in Leatherwood Distillery, explained his motivation for investing in the brand.

"As an Army veteran myself, I was inspired by Andrew's story, and I knew I wanted to get involved," Maynard explained. "I'm a fan of their spirits, like the Snake Eater Bourbon, but it was Andrew's story and his support of veteran-focused charities that really pulled me in. We share a lot of similar interests, so it made sense to get involved with the company and bring them into the fold at JCM Racing."

Leatherwood Distillery's product range is readily accessible, with products available at retailers throughout Tennessee and at their Clarksville distillery. The distillery also offers tours, tastings, and live music. For those residing outside of Tennessee, Leatherwood Distillery spirits can be conveniently ordered through the brand's online store.

Andrew Lang, the founder and head distiller of Leatherwood Distillery, expressed his excitement about this collaboration.

"This is an incredible opportunity to share our story and our products with a whole new audience," Lang said. "I'm looking forward to continuing our work with Joe Maynard and the Maynard family, who have already done so much for the Clarksville community. We invite fans to come see us next time they're in the area."