Kalitta Motorsports has focused on a vision far exceeding winning a championship for two seasons. And in this objective, round-wins mean the world to some who are less fortunate. 

The multicar nitro team partnered with Feeding America, the largest charity working to end hunger and food insecurity in the United States. Every time a Kalitta Motorsports driver turns on a race day win light, Kalitta Motorsports donates $1,000 to Feeding America, and both DHL and Kalitta Air match the donation. After five of the six races, the three teams turned on 21 win lights.

Thus far, Top Fuel driver Doug Kalitta has generated the most with 12 round wins in a season that has provided $63,000 in donations and generated 630,000 meals. 

Feeding America established Hunger Action Month in 2008 to create a nationwide push to address the hunger crisis across the United States. Presently, there are 34 million residents in the United States who consider themselves food insecure, with nine million of those being children. According to a report from Feeding America, 49 million residents turned to food programs in 2022. 

Every dollar raised through the “Race to End Hunger” will provide at least 10 meals for people who do not have enough food to eat. This partnership to support hunger relief nationwide is part of DHL’s sole goal of connecting people and improving lives, which guides all the company’s efforts and operations, underscoring its values and mission to ultimately better society.

Those interested in supporting the program can CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED.