Six years has been an incredible ride. At least, this is how Funny Car/Fuel Altered racer Allan Middendorf sees it. 

But today, Middendorf is ready to put it all on the shelf to pursue other opportunities. He's got a new unnamed challenge ahead of him, and this will require the self-made entrepreneur out of Columbia, Illinois, to narrow his focus. 

“Jake Sanders of Snake Enterprises was a huge part of my success,” said Middendorf. “Jake’s knowledge and experience is what made this team highly competitive. Without him, there is no way I could have achieved what I did. You add in the support we received from Vinyl Images and Torco and this dream I chased wouldn’t have been possible. We made a lot of history, and I can’t thank all our supporters enough.”

Middendorf found a lion's share of success while racing the Funny Car Chaos  tour, winning twice and scoring four No. 1 qualifiers. He also tallied a Fuel Altered win and was the national speed record holder for Fuel Altered at 227.50 mph. In 2019 Middendorf came in second place in the Funny Car Chaos Championship series. He was also the Funny Car Chaos record holder for speed and elapsed time, breaking and resetting those records several times over, as well as winning the World Fuel Altered National Championship.
“I wouldn’t have been able to have the success we had at the track without the hard work and dedication of my crew chief to Jake Sanders and the crew of Tom McDonald, Jim Carey, Katie Buttera and Doni Snyder.,” said Middendorf. “They gave their all in every race no matter how long the days and nights were. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. I’m truly appreciative of their hard work and dedication.”

If his success in branding the American Outlaw persona is an indication of what is to come, his wild streak that drove him to do things his own way, will inspire a different approach than the status quo.

“I am going to continue the American Outlaw name and branding into my next endeavor, and we are looking at opportunities to build the brand away from the race track as well,” Middendorf said.
Middendorf will be announcing his next racing challenge in the coming weeks.