By the time Competition Eliminator is completed during Sunday's final eliminations at the NHRA FallNatioonals, one driver will put $100,000 in his pocket, courtesy of the Rooftec Competition Eliminator Bonus Fund. Another will put $25,000 just for finishing runner-up in the series. 

The Rooftec Competition Eliminator Bonus Fund will pay out $300,000 to its top ten points earners, who all are still eligible to win an NHRA world championship and divisional title. 

The Rooftec Competition Eliminator Bonus Fund is precisely as its name says - it's bonus money. The Bonus money has been enough to attract full 32-car fields at five of seven NHRA Division 4 events and 63 cars at the NHRA U.S. Nationals, where Rooftec also sponsored a $50,000 shootout for those top 16 points earners following the double-divisional at the Texas Motorplex back in May. 

The four drivers with a remaining mathematical chance to win the Rooftec Competition Eliminator Bonud Fund Championship are in competition this weekend. B/Dragster Automatic and NHRA U.S. Nationals champion Chase Williams leads the points, followed by series founder Rodger Brogdon. Rick Brown and Mike DePalma. 

The Indianapolis victory greatly aided Williams' run to the top. He went from sixth place to the lead. 

"We have to do our job, and hopefully, the cards will fall where they should," said Williams, who also pocked an $11,500 bonus from Rooftec for winning the NHRA U.S. Nationals. "It was huge, and coming from number six to number one was a big move. I mean, honestly, kind of unexpected.

Essentially, he needs to outlast Brogdon to win the title.

"I keep thinking to myself, 'Don't screw it up," Williams admitted. 




Brogdon, who has a chance to win the money his company put up, says the money isn't part of the equation, at least not in his world. It's winning which holds the most value.

"It's the winning part that means the most for me," Brogdon said. "The money doesn't hurt, but it's all about winning. When you race Chase Williams, you race a guy who doesn't make many mistakes. He's a very good driver, but we don't race on paper. So I'm going to go out and try to win every round I can, and hopefully, it's one or two more than him or anybody else. And we will let the chips fall where they may."

And suppose Brogdon does win?

"I'll just put the money back in there for next year, I'm sure," Brogdon admitted. 

Brown and DePalma both have a shot at the title, but the odds are long at best. If Williams and Brogdon lose in the first round, Brown could reach the semi-finals and emerge as the champion. If either reaches the second round, he would need to win.

DePalma has the longest shot of the quartet and would need for all to lose in the first round and then win to come away as the champion. 

Even the tenth-place finisher in the Rooftec Competition Eliminator Bonus Fund will leave the Texas Motorplex with a $10,000 payday for the season. Right now, Ed Federkell stands at 20th.