Red Line Oil’s motto has been, “If you know, you know.”

At the upcoming PRO Superstar Shootout, Red Line Oil will prove they know how to make a splash. The leading high-performance oil company will provide a $10,000 bonus from Red Line Synthetic Oil for the victor, along with the inaugural Don Schumacher Nitro Superstar Award, named in memory of the late team owner and former Funny Car driver for the forthcoming Top Fuel versus Funny Car Shootout. The competition format for the main event will include four qualifying sessions, with non-qualifiers in Top Fuel and Funny Car filling the slots for Saturday’s showdown. The quickest driver from each category will advance to the final round for a shot at the bonus and the prestigious Don Schumacher Nitro Superstar Award.

Red Line Oil, recognized for its engine oils and lubricants, has thrown its support behind the unique event with the PRO Superstar Shootout’s goal of exploring innovative ideas. 

Mark Beatty, the brand director of Red Line Synthetic Oil, emphasized the importance of bringing new and exciting concepts to the sport. 




“This is what the sport needs,” Beatty said. “We’re all trying to come up with new, fun, exciting ways of doing things. When I heard about this deal, it was an instant flashback to the old ‘No Bull Showdown’ when they put Top Fuel cars up against Funny Cars. The crowd would go crazy. We’re so used to seeing Top Fuel only or Funny Car only. I can’t wait to see how it goes down. The fans are going to love this deal. In the end, the driver who wins this one-of-a-kind award will carry those bragging rights with them to the end of their days. Plus, what a great way to honor Don Schumacher. No doubt he will have a smile on his face.”

Red Line Oil’s involvement in the racing community extends to numerous teams in both the Top Fuel and Funny Car categories.

“Red Line can’t lose because we have phenomenal Team Red Line Oil members on the Funny Car side of the world and on the Top Fuel side,” Beatty said. “It’s really cool to have this one opportunity to paint with a broad stroke and reach all of the people that race in the fuel categories.”