A decorated former champion and a budding champion-to-be shared the winners' circle Saturday in Dragstock III at Rockingham Dragway, an American Drag Racing League event that featured the increasingly popular Outlaw Pro Modifieds.





A decorated former champion and a budding champion-to-be shared the winners' circle Saturday in Dragstock III at Rockingham Dragway, an American Drag Racing League event that featured the increasingly popular Outlaw Pro Modifieds.

A crowd estimated at more than 25,000, the largest one-day crowd to attend a race at the track since Steve Earwood purchased it in 1992, watched Shannon "the Iceman" Jenkins of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Joey Martin of Milton, Fla., take home the biggest shares of the $40,000 purse.

Martin, driving a 1967 Ford Mustang replica, qualified No. 1 on the way to winning the Pro Extreme championship and $11,000. The victory made the Florida driver the season's first two-time winner. He won an ADRL race earlier this year at Houston, Texas and also has won twice this year in the NHRA series (at Englishtown, N.J., and Memphis, Tenn.).

Jenkins, a three-time former IHRA Pro Modified Champion (1997, 1999, 2002) as well as the first champion in the NHRA's Pro Modified division (2002), drove his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro replica to the Pro Nitrous championship and a $5,000 payday.

Martin gained four positions with his Saturday victory, moving all the way up to third place behind new leader Jason Scruggs of Saltillo, Miss.

Although he lost to Martin in the semifinals, Scruggs set ADRL records for eighth, mile time (3.813 seconds) and speed (198.44 miles per hour) to move around Mike Neal of Pace, Fla., and into the points lead. Neal was not a factor at The Rock, qualifying just seventh and suffering mechanical problems that prevented his participation in eliminations.
Scruggs broke the 3.872 second and 194.63 mph records he set earlier this year at Madison, Ill., in his 1963 Chevrolet Corvette replica.

After dispatching Scruggs, Martin beat Herman Sheppard of Ehrhardt, S.C., in the final, 3.925 to 3.980 seconds.

Although he qualified fifth, Jenkins was untouchable during eliminations. The veteran posted the quickest time in every round of racing with almost monotonous consistency, putting up times of 4.031 seconds, 4.013, 4.016 and, finally, 4.018.

His only real test came against six-time former IHRA Pro Stock champion Rickie Smith of King, N.C., whom he beat in the semifinals by just .009 of a second. In the final, Jenkins bested James Hancock III of Opelika, Ala.

More than 60 drivers, those who didn't qualify for the 16-car field in either class, went home empty-handed. Among them were Pro Nitrous championship contenders Burton Auxier Jr. of Dixie, West Va., Terry Housley of Lenoir City, Tenn., and Jenkins' teammate, Mike Castellana of Westbury, N.Y., along with Memphis, Tenn., Pro Extreme winner Bill Clanton of Rome Ga., who fell from second to fifth as a result.

Among the others on the sidelines for eliminations were former IHRA Pro Stock and Pro Modified champion Tommy Mauney of Spartanburg, S.C.; distaff driver Annette Summer of Aiken, S.C., who never was able to get traction with her twin-turbo 1957 Chevy Bel Air; and Bill Kuhlman of Perry, Mo., the first Pro Modified driver to exceed 200 miles per hour on the quarter mile.

In a race dominated by Georgia drivers, Steve Kirk Jr. of Monroe beat Marcus Birt of Gray for the Outlaw 10.5 title. Kirk drove his 2000 Chevrolet Camaro to the No. 1 qualifying postion at 4.430 seconds and was never challenged. His was the only car to break the 4.50 second barrier which it did in two of three rounds including the final.



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Al Tucci interviewed the Dragstock III winers for 1320 - Click here to watch the video clips: Dragstock Winners

Hard to let it go - Shannon Jenkins won the Pro Nitrous title with a car that he no longer owns. He had sold the “Iceman” first-generation Camaro to the Bankston Brothers Racing team prior to Dragstock III.

The Bankston crew knew that Jenkins was still in the race for the Nitrous Championship Belt, however, a trophy and title that will be raced for at the ADRL season finale at Kennedale, Texas, next month. Without a car in which to compete, Jenkins would by default forfeit any chance to claim the title, so the new owners allowed Jenkins to not only drive his former hot rod at Rockingham this weekend but also to run it in Texas.

Single-minded - Todd Tutterow, who is also in the Battle for the Belts, is not going to compete for the Pro Nitrous title this year. He will still contend for the Pro Extreme belt, but will not be in the running for the double-up as he did last season. Tutterow sold his nitrous ride to Brian Williams, who offered Tutterow enough cold cash for the Ford to make it worth his while to forfeit his chance at one of the two titles.

Thanks Dave - Bil Clanton was uninjured in an unbelievable double wall-banger crash during the last round of qualifying. While Clanton was uninjured, his “Big Money” ’53 Studebaker suffered enough damage that he feared he would be unable to effect repairs in time for the Kennedale, Texas, shootout next month.

In a gesture of generosity, Dave Wood, owner of the Troy Critchley Cuda and the Josh Hernandez Camaro, offered Clanton the use of the Corvette that Critchley piloted prior to obtaining the Cuda. The announcement was made to the hundreds of fans who stayed around to participate in the winner’s circle celebration at the conclusion of the event. The announcement brought forth a collective sigh of relief from the Clanton race team and was approved by the crowd with a thunderous burst of applause.

Let them eat cake - The accident suffered by Bil Clanton did not stop his mother from providing what is becoming a tradition at drag races. Once she knew that her son was okay following the crash, “Mama Clanton” brought out the pound cakes that usually have people waiting in line to get a slice. When one friend was asked why he got such a large piece, he responded with a grin, “ That was the biggest piece I could get.”

The numbers game - The actual attendance for Dragstock III will possibly be disputed for years, but it was evident to anyone who has been to the “Rock” in the past that this was very likely the largest crowd to ever attend a drag race at the venue.

Estimates ranged from the high teens to well over 30,000. While a large number of free tickets were distributed thoughout the southeast, the huge throng will most certainly provide a substantial profit for the promoters.

The average wait for a beverage at the concession stands exceeded 60 minutes and at times was quite a lot longer.

Play nice now
- The heat during the afternoon and the packed stands and pits could have been the breeding grounds for a lot of rowdy behavior, but the fan enjoyment and good manners amazed several of the members of the media and made the security personnel very happy.


Are you watching? - The NHRA should look at the numbers of fans and the fact that the stands were 80% full one hour before the first car ever went down the track. From the time the first car fired its engine, the stands were packed and remained so until the last of the fireworks exploded high over the finish line.

As for the IHRA, they should look at their current Pro Modified class format. There were plenty of fans of nitrous cars on hand, and of course there were also legions of blower car fans in the stands, but it didn’t seem to matter that the different combinations never faced each other during the event. Instead of spending countless hours trying to maintain parity between the two groups, they should look at splitting the two and let them fight it out among themselves.

A rumor floating around the pits purported that a significant series sponsor had solidified an agreement to back future expansion of the ADRL based on the turnout of fans on Friday night. When a series official was asked, the predictable response was the usual, “We would prefer not to comment. We don’t want to jinx anything.” A twinkle in the eye and a grin that wrapped around the face spoke more than words, however.

Kudos - Doug Priesterer and Joey Martin earn Low Qualifier Bonus from www.Promodifieds.US.

Each received a check for $400.00 donated by the staff for the great entertainment and enjoyment provided by the racing members of the ADRL program. Stated Brian Cupp, who originated the idea for the bonus: “It is just our way of giving a little something back to the ones who make this possible.”



Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC

Pro 10.5 Qualifying Notes - Round 2

Left Lane: Keith Jackson – 6.017 et – 98.75 mph
Right Lane: Tracy Cockman - 7.957 et – 80.93 mph

Both guys light the tires up…

Left Lane: Danny Cook – 6.444 et – 93.09 mph
Right Lane: Jared Brunner – 4.937 et – 156.12 mph

Again both guys loose off the line..

Left Lane: Mike Hill – 4.622 et – 163.06 mph
Right Lane: Rob Hale – 14.425 et – 51.04 mph

Hill drifts way out of the groove bu stays with it…

Left Lane: Mike Donnahue – 4.956 et – 156.73 mph
Right Lane: Scott Hartley – 4.754 et – 151.97 mph

Hartley with a nice run…

Left Lane: Stacy McIntyre – 7.031 et – 72.24 mph
Right Lane: Marcus Birt – 4.551 et – 162.20 mph

Birt goes to #2..

Left Lane: Jack Barfield – 4.606 et – 165.05 mph
Right Lane: Michael Robinson – 6.526 et – 101.50 et

Barfield with a nice shot…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Steve Kirk – 4.430 et – 166.97 et

Holy Cow!!! Kirk resets his own record!!!…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous Qualifying Notes - Round 2 – Sept 16 – 2:30pm

Left Lane: Candyce Marsh – broke
Right Lane: Burton Auxier – 7.447 et – 60.21 mph

Something happened to March & Burton had MAJOR tire shake….

Left Lane: Terry Housley – 9.019 et – 64.89 mph
Right Lane: Dan Bandish – 7.541 et – 66.34 mph

Major shake for each racer…

Left Lane: Ronnie Hood – 4.116 et – 179.28 mph
Right Lane: Annette Summer – 7.665 et – 67.75 mph

Annette turns left & Hood has a nice run…

Left Lane: Steve Cossis – 8.762 et – 50.59 mph
Right Lane: Jerry Bridgeforth – 7.427 et – 88.17 mph

Again, more shake…

Left Lane: Shannon Jenkins – 4.051 et – 184.36 mph
Right Lane: James Hancock – 7.535 et – 68.81 mph

The Iceman shows how to get it done!!!

Left Lane: Dale Brinsfield – 4.098 et – 186.36 mph
Right Lane: Rex Kelley – 4.583 et – 163.73 mph

A great run by Brinsfiled….

Left Lane: Rick Moore – 4.330 et – 142.01 mph
Right Lane: Billy Harper – 9.715 et – 45.29 mph

Harper with major shake…

Left Lane: Pat Stoken – 6.655 et – 73.96 mph
Right Lane: Mike Castellana – 7.384 et – 72.58 mph

These guys has synchronized tire shake…

Left Lane: Johnny Pilcher – 4.076 et – 183.79 mph
Right Lane: Ben Ledford – 4.192 et – 174.14 mph

Another great run by Pilcher…

Left Lane: Steve Vick– 6.635 et – 92.04 mph
Right Lane: Charles Carpenter –4.092 et – 180.43 mph

Charles makes another great run…

Left Lane: Randy Weatherford– 4.073 et – 188.52 mph
Right Lane: Dan Parker – 7.261 et - 88.42mph

Weatherford rode the wall & never lifted…

Left Lane: Keith Baker – 4.099 et – 182.80 mph
Right Lane: Sonny Tindal – 4.152 et – 177.21 mph

Nice run by both guys…

Left Lane: Buzz Varner – 4.313et – 152.80 mph
Right Lane: Greg Godwin – 4.074 et – 180.57 mph

Godwin looked smooth & straight…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Dave Roemer –4.100 et – 179.83 mph

Roemer drifted left but made a good run…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Rickie Smith – 4.076 et - 181.18 mph

Trickie Rickie with a nice run…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Brian Williams – 4.148 et - 176.70 mph


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme Qualifying Notes - Round 2 – Sept 16 – 1:00pm

Left Lane: Quain Stott – 7.671 et – 80.615 mph
Right Lane: TJ Harrill - 7.933 et – 82.97 mph

Shake shake shake…

Left Lane: Kelley Martin – 4.183 et – 177.79 mph
Right Lane: Travis Swearingen – 3.981 et – 185.49 mph

Killer Run by Swearingen!!!

Left Lane: Todd Tutterow – 7.017 et – 63.01 mph
Right Lane: Tommy Mauney – 6.168 et – 87.47 mph

Tutterow with a .987 60’, then both guys smoke the tires..

Left Lane: Troy Critchley – 4.732 et – 109.97 mph
Right Lane: Bruce Mcgee – 7.902 et – 55.83 mph

Troy lights the tiress…

Left Lane: Bryon Rich – 4.433 et – 175.11 mph
Right Lane: Bill Wright – 5.083 et – 136.51 mph

Bill Wright has a great looking Biscayne…

Left Lane: Mike Bell – 6.719 et – 78.80 mph
Right Lane: Todd Bauknecht – 4.529 et – 150.58 mph

Both guys have tire shake…

Left Lane: Dwayne Watkins – 5.335 et – 102.11 mph
Right Lane: Josh Hernandez – 4.283 et – 186.95 mph

Josh pedals it, but will have one last shot to get in the field…

Left Lane: John Lynam– 4.023 et – 192.17 mph
Right Lane: Bil Clanton – 4.313 et – 175.94 mph

Both Guys shake, Lynam pedaled & still ran an .02!!!

Left Lane: Jason Scruggs – 3.991 et – 193.10 mph
Right Lane: Toney Russell – 5.329 et – 97.43 mph

Unreal… Scruggs pedaled more than once!!!

Left Lane: Hugh Scott- 9.200 et – 64.46 mph
Right Lane: Chip King – 7.393 et – 90.50 mph

Major tire shake...

Left Lane: Bill Kuhlman- 5.168 et – 112.34 mph
Right Lane: Brian Daniels – 4.060 et – 180.00 mph

Kuhlman drove thru the clutch while Daniels made a nice run…

Left Lane: Bubba Stanton – 4.071 et – 160.82 mph
Right Lane: Jeff Balton – 4.353 et – 163.18 mph

Bubba with a great run, looked like it layed over a little at the top end…

Left Lane: Bennie MacDonald- 4.001 et – 190.83 mph
Right Lane: Michael Neal – 4.127 et – 176.17

Great runs, Bennie with big speed…

Left Lane: Joey Martin – 4.848 et – 106.53 mph
Right Lane: Eddie Ware – 4.052 et – 184.65

Ware with a nice run…

Left Lane: Bryan Dyar – 4.045 – 179.25 mph
Right Lane:

Dyar with another really good run….

Left Lane: Herman Sheppard – 4.059 et – 183.67 mph
Right Lane:

Herman pedaled & still went an .05….

Left Lane: Frankie Taylor – 3.971 et – 195.62 mph
Right Lane:

Wow!! Frankie saved the best for last!!! BIG speed!!!

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous Qualifying Notes – Final Round – Sept 16 – 3:00pm

Left Lane: Jerry Bridgeforth – 4.265 et – 172.61 mph
Right Lane: Randy Weatherford – 4.055 et – 180.94 mph

Weatherford with yet another great run….

Left Lane: Dan Parker – 4.114 et – 187.44 mph
Right Lane: Steve Vick – 4.069 et – 181.35 mph

Vick jumps up the ladder with a great run…

Left Lane: Dan Bandish – 4.301 et – 174.03 mph
Right Lane: Johnny Pilcher – 4.073 et – 180.36 mph

Pilcher straight & smooth again…

Left Lane: James Hancock – 4.101 et – 177.66 mph
Right Lane: Ronnie Hood – 4.156 et – 160.98 mph

Hood gets real loose in the middle & does not get in…

Left Lane: Rex Kelley – 4.145 et – 180.62 mph
Right Lane: Steve Cossis – 10.953 et – 39.32 mph

Rex doesn’t quite have enough to get in…

Left Lane: Burton Auxier – 4.615 et – 167.97 mph
Right Lane: Candyce Marsh – 4.209 et – 174.55 mph

Burton shakes & just misses the field…

Left Lane: Annette Summer – 6.452 et – ??? mph
Right Lane: Pat Stoken – 4.058 et – 183.47 mph

Nice run by Stoken & Annette has big tire shake again…

Left Lane: Pat Stoken – 6.655 et – 73.96 mph
Right Lane: Mike Castellana – 7.384 et – 72.58 mph

These guys has synchronized tire shake…

Left Lane: Rod Houck – 4.084 et – 186.70 mph
Right Lane: Dale Brinsfield – 4.125 et – 178.22 mph

Good run by both guys…

Left Lane: Dave Roemer– 4.096 et – 180.81 mph
Right Lane: Rick Moore –4.073 et – 182.75 mph

Rick Moore makes a great run & jumps in the field!!

Left Lane: Rickie Smith– 4.101 et – 188.02 mph
Right Lane: Terry Housley – 4.136 et - 177.00 mph

Housley misses the field…

Left Lane: Sonny Tindal – 4.128 et – 185.56 mph
Right Lane: Buzz Varner – 4.114 et – 178.47 mph

Both guys run well, but miss the field…

Left Lane: Greg Godwin – 4.052 et – 180.72 mph
Right Lane: Keith Baker – 4.100 et – 180.98 mph

Godwin continued to flex his muscle…

Left Lane: Charles Carpenter – 4.128 et – 185.84 mph
Right Lane: Shannon Jenkins –4.054 et – 182.85 mph

The Iceman straight & smooth…

Left Lane: Billy Harper – 4.183 et – 176.14 mph
Right Lane: Brian Williams – 4.121 et - 177.60 mph

Neither guy will make the field…

Left Lane: Dennis Radford – 4.119 et – 181.03 mph
Right Lane:

Left Lane: Mike Castellana - 5.058 et – 102.68 mph
Right Lane:

Mike went way right & crossed the centerline. He will not make the field…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme Final Qualifying Notes - Sept 16 – 4:00pm

Left Lane: Todd Bauknecht – 4.134 et – 173.83 mph
Right Lane:

Todd runs well but does not get in…

Left Lane: TJ Harrill – 4.183 et – 177.79 mph
Right Lane: Jason Scruggs – 3.981 et – 185.49 mph

Sounded like Scruggs lifted early & still went a .98!!!

Left Lane: Bruce Mcgee – 4.566 et – 128.05 mph
Right Lane: Todd Tutterow – 4.012 et – 185.89 mph

Todd makess agreat run to get in the field..

Left Lane: Bil Clanton –
Right Lane: Hugh Scott – 4.105 et – 182.26 mph

Hugh made a good run, but not enough… Bil had a bad crash, see other posts for more info…

Left Lane: Michael Neal – 5.234 et – 96.20 mph
Right Lane: Herman Sheppard – 3.983 et – 185.36 mph

Michael Neal will miss the field & Herman makes another great run…

Left Lane: Brian Daniels – 4.060 et – 179.80 mph
Right Lane: Bill Kuhlman – 4.440 et – 172.45 mph

Another nice run for Daniels…

Left Lane: Toney Russell – 6.420 et – 86.72 mph
Right Lane: Kelly Martin – 4.116 et – 176.21 mph

Toney Russell continues to have problems…

Left Lane: Eddie Ware– 4.020 et – 179.83 mph
Right Lane: Troy Critchley – 4.039 et – 186.95 mph

Great side by side run…

Left Lane: Tommy Mauney – 4.101 et – 155.11 mph
Right Lane: Bryon Rich – 8.473 et – 46.26 mph

Tommy Mauney had great early numbers, but he lost the blower belt at the top end & will not make the field!!!

Left Lane: Josh Hernandez- 4.020 et – 164.01 mph
Right Lane: John Lynam – 4.017 et – 184.32 mph

Great side by side run & Josh gets in the show!!

Left Lane: Chip King- 4.271 et – 168.76 mph
Right Lane: Quain Stott – 4.053 et – 169.91 mph

Stott looked he hurt the motor in the lights & came to a stop on the track… King will not make the field..

Left Lane: Jeff Balton – 4.431 et – 161.50 mph
Right Lane: Dwayne Watkins – 3.993 et – 177.21 mph

Great run by Watkins to get back in the field!!

Left Lane: Travis Swearingen – 4.013 et – 185.58 mph
Right Lane: Joey Martin – 3.943 et – 188.98

Joey Martin is killin ‘em this weekend…

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Bubba Stanton – 4.006 et – 184.09 mph

Great job by the Widowmaker crew & Bubba!!!

Left Lane:
Right Lane: Mike Bell – 4.060 et – 182.77 mph

Decent run by Bell….


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous 1st Round Eliminations

Doug Riesterer – 4.053 et – 177.11 mph **(Winner)**
Dale Brinsfield – 4.113 et – 179.16 mph[

Good race, but Riesterer has the power…

Rickie Smith – 4.058 et – 181.01 mph **(Winner)**
Rod Houck – 4.098 et – 181.35 mph

After a pretty good staging dual, Rickie had the better light & got the win…

Dennis Radford – 4.091 et – 177.58 mph **(Winner)**
Johnny Pilcher – 4.078 et – 181.35 mph

Holeshot!! Radford had a .037 light to Pilchers .077…

Shannon Jenkins – 4.031 et – 183.84 mph **(Winner)**
Rick Moore – 4.073 et – 181.47 mph

What a great race!! Both had .050 lights…

Randy Weatherford – 4.044 et – 179.95 mph **(Winner)**
Keith Baker – 5.534 et – 87.89 mph

Baker shook & Randy made a nice run…

Dave Roemer – 4.076 et – 188.17 mph **(Winner)**
Steve Vick – 6.377 et – 86.13 mph

Roemer had a great .045 light & made a nice run. Vick got very loose & had to lift…

Pat Stoken – 4.032 et – 184.40 mph **(Winner)**
Charles Carpenter – 4.086 et – 182.01 mph

Stoken with a great run to take the win…

Greg Godwin – 7.806 et – 57.82 mph
Jamie Hancock – 4.112 et – 180.09 mph **(Winner)**

Both had great lights, but Godwin shook & Hancock made a nice run for the win…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme 1st Round Eliminations

Joey Martin – 3.908 et – 190.22 mph**(Winner)**
Josh Hernandez – 4.091et – 179.40 mph

Joey makes a killer run!!

Bryan Dyar – 4.030 et – 184.09 mph
Bennie McDonlad – 4.030 et– 178.57 mph **(Winner)**

With a .080 to .105 light Bennie gets the holeshot win!!

Travis Swearingen – 3.989 et – 185.43 mph**(Winner)**
Troy Critchley – 4.088 et – 178.68 mph

Travis is having a great day!!

Jason Scruggs – 3.813et – 198.44 mph**(Winner)**
Todd Tutterow – 4.222 et – 180.77 mph

Really not much I can say!!! Except clutch dust!!!!!!!!!

Herman Sheppard – 3.995 et – 184.90 mph**(Winner)**
Eddie Ware – 5.074 et – 101.51 mph

Ware has problems & the Herminator is rockin!!

Brian Daniels – 4.035 et – 180.65 mph**(Winner)**
Mike Bell – 4.030 et – 179.42 mph

Again, with an .053 to .090 light, Daniels gets the holeshot win!!

Frankie Taylor – 4.022 et – 182.80 mph**(Winner)**
John Lynam – 4.016 et – 179.88 mph

Another holeshot!! Frankie with a .049 to .067 light..

Dwayne Watkins – 4.254 et – 155.40 mph
Bubba Stanton – 4.005 et – 184.55 mph **(Winner)**

Watkins falls off the pace & Bubba gets the win!!!


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro 10.5 1st Round Eliminations

Marcus Birt – 4.655 et – 148.41 mph **(Winner)**
Scott Hartley – 4.698 et – 153.32 mph

Birt rides the centerline & never lifts to take the win…

Jack Barfield – 4.543 et – 162.24 mph **(Winner)**
Michael Robinson – 4.592 et – 161.11 mph

Nice run by Barfield…

Mike Hill – 4.853 et – 127.53 mph **(Winner)**
Stacy McIntyre – 4.695 et – 159.19 mph

Crazy race… Hill rides the wall to get the win… McIntyre has a .993 r/t

Steve Kirk – 4.525 et – 165.84 mph **(Winner)**
Tracy Cockman– 8.462 et – 73.11 mph[

Kirk falls off a little but takes the win…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous 2nd Round Eliminations

Doug Riesterer – 11.756 et – 34.13 mph
Rickie Smith – 4.034 et – 182.16 mph **(Winner)**

Rickie double bulbs Doug, then Doug goes .091 red & then breaks something right off the line…

Dennis Radford – 4.817 et – 108.53 mph
Shannon Jenkins – 4.013 et – 183.97 mph **(Winner)**

Radford has a pop & Jenkins has a 1.00 60’ & gets the win…

Randy Weatherford – 4.036 et – 180.57 mph
Dave Roemer – 4.044 et – 181.74 mph **(Winner)**

Wow, both guys go red… Roemer gets the win as he went -.039 red but Weatherford went way red -.202

Pat Stoken – 6.206 et – 87.73 mph
Jamie Hancock – 4.072 et – 179.30 mph **(Winner)**

Hancock with the upset win here…

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme 2nd Round Eliminations

Joey Martin – 3.931 et – 190.19 mph**(Winner)**
Bennie McDonald – 4.412 et– 143.73 mph

Joey Martin is on a roll!!! Bennie had a .957 60’, but got loose in the middle…

Travis Swearingen – 3.974 et – 185.97 mph
Jason Scruggs – 3.823et – 198.06 mph**(Winner)**

Another great run for Swearingen & he wasn’t even in the ballpark… Scruggs!!!!

Herman Sheppard – 3.968 et – 186.02 mph**(Winner)**
Brian Daniels – 4.676 et – 115.42 mph

Herman with another great run. Daniels showed us both sides of the car. I don’t know how he didn’t hit the wall…

Frankie Taylor – 3.947 et – 189.73 mph**(Winner)**
Bubba Stanton – 3.989 et – 184.55 mph

Bubba gets his first ever 3, but Frankie makes a killer run to get the win!!

What a round of racing!!!

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro 10.5 Semi-Finals

Steve Kirk – 4.475 et – 166.74 mph **(Winner)**
Jack Barfield – ???

Barfield left way before the tree came down & got no time…

Mike Hill – 4.616 et – 160.16 mph
Marcus Birt – 4.535 et – 163.33 mph **(Winner)**

Hill left on Birt, but Birt runs the number…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous Semi-Finals

Rickie Smith – 4.026 et – 183.59 mph
Shannon Jenkins – 4.016 et – 140.59 mph **(Winner)**

Shannon with another 4.0 & I don’t think the mph is right…

Dave Roemer – 4.072 et – 186.43 mph
Jamie Hancock – 4.068 et – 179.18 mph **(Winner)**

Dave Roemer goes -.005 red & Hancock makes a nice pass…

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme Semi-Finals

Joey Martin – 3.909 et – 189.28 mph**(Winner)**
Jason Scruggs – 4.003 et – 195.42 mph

Scruggs pedals it & still runs 195, but Joey & Chuck are on fire tonight!!!!

Herman Sheppard – 4.142 et – 183.54 mph**(Winner)**
Frankie Taylor – 16.052 et – 23.87 mph

Herman went deep & had a .005 light. Sounded like Frankie popped the blower & coasted.


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro 10.5 Finals

Steve Kirk – 4.463et – 166.21mph **(Winner)**
Marcus Birt – 4.495et – 163.59mph

What a great race, but Kirk takes the win…


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme Finals

Joey Martin – 3.925 et – 189.68mph**(Winner)**
Herman Sheppard – 3.980et – 183.70 mph

Joey Martin absolutely dominated this race!!

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous Finals

Shannon Jenkins – 4.018et – 184.02mph **(Winner)**
Jamie Hancock – 4.056et – 178.47mph

Jenkins had an .012 light & made another killer run to take the win!!!



(9-15-2006) - Just happy to be here - Dwayne Watkins is campaigning his '57 Chevy in basic primer this weekend. It has been an unusual and frustrating time for the Watkins Racing team during the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago, while returning from a local race, the receiver on the trailer broke completely off, depositing the trailer onto the interstate just 10 miles from their shop. Fortunately, the trailer slid to a stop without turning over, but not before grinding away the hydraulic foot pad. Taking the welder from the trailer, they were able to apply enough of repair job to get them to their shop.

Then... -
Labor Day weekend, while in a match race, Watkins had parts of the four-link suspension break, causing a tire to fold up under the car. That resulted in a “minor steering problem” that resulted in the car striking the right guard rail and careening across to the opposite rail. Frustrated, Watkins was ready to toss in the towel for the remaining portion of the season.

His team, family, and friends all got together and decide they could repair the car and have it ready for Dragstock III, the event they had been looking forward to all year. “Besides,” said Watkins, “We have brand new shirts for the team and we wanted to wear them.”

Not only was the team just happy to be here, they celebrated by running 3.983 in the first lap on the car since it was repaired.

Cha-Ching - www.Promodifieds.US is providing a bonus to the low qualifiers in both Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous categories at the 3rd annual Dragstock event. Brian Cupp, of Promodifieds.US initiated the idea and the staff of the site all joined in by making donations to the fund. A check of $400.00 will be presented to the low qualifiers at the pre-race ceremonies Saturday evening.


No luck with blue…..well, till now - Frankie Taylor was bemoaning the fact that he had not experienced very good luck with the new blue 1959 Corvette body that has replaced his previous yellow body. Taylor mentioned that he was thinking of returning to the yellow color that most fans recognize.

When reminded that he was just returning from a win last week, Taylor responded, “Sometimes you win ugly and sometimes you have a dominating win. That was definitely not a dominating win.”

Taylor may have to rethink his opinion of the blue color after posting one of the better times (3.983) during times trials prior to tonight’s first round of qualifying.


One way to cool the surface - The track temperature during the afternoon time trials was around 114 degrees. That is not especially hot for the teams, however it appeared that someone thought they should attempt to cool the track. Or at least it appeared that way when a large cooler full of iced drinks was overturned and spilled in the right lane at the start line.


Big Mac is in the house - Fans of drag racing were thrilled to hear one of the most famous voices ever in racing when Dave McClellan took over the microphone for a few minutes during the pro testing afternoon session.


The Place to be - Todd Tutterow and team know how to enjoy a weekend at the track.

1000 hamburgers, 500 hot dogs, buckets of slaw and gallons of cold drinks were made available to any and all who dropped by his pit area. In addition to all the food being cooked on a huge BBQ grill, a live band rocked late into the night and morning hours.


Better not let the wife hear him - Overheard in the pits, and we hope it was said in jest. A team member about his wife, “If I had shot her when I wanted to, I would be out of jail by now.”


Butts in the Bleachers - When the gates opened for spectators at 2 pm, the initial influx of fans gave a moment of concern about attendance. However, by the time qualifying began at 8 pm, the crowd had swelled to the largest Friday crowd anyone could remember in recent history, including national events.


Lots of cars - ADRL can now boast of the largest car count in the history of Outlaw Pro Modified racing. Including the 10.5 and Pro Stock, a total of 138 cars made passes or were teched.



Round by round times and notes (courtesy of Brian Cupp and www.Promdifieds.US )

Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro 10.5 Qualifying Notes - Round 1

Left Lane: Steve Kirk – 4.435 et – 174.62 mph
Right Lane: Stacy McIntyre -

Holy Cow what a run by Steve Kirk!!!

Left Lane: Michael Robinson – 4.625 et – 160.77 mph
Right Lane: Keith Jackson – 5.108 et – 172.74 mph

Left Lane: Marcus Birt – 5.316 – 147.14 mph
Right Lane: Jack Barfield – 4.572 et – 161.30 mph

Birt smokes the tires & Barfield runs well…

Left Lane: Rob Hale – 4.745 et – 156.23 mph
Right Lane: Danny Cook – 4.756 et – 149.85

Good side by side run…
Left Lane: Tracy Cockman – 4.720 et – 155.90 mph
Right Lane: Mike Donahue – 4.846 et – 157.15 mph

Left Lane: Elliot Thompson – 8.813 et – 65.011 mph
Right Lane: Mike Hill – 4.563 et – 161.42

The Hitman with a nice run to go to #2..


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Extreme Qualifying Notes - Round 1 – Sept 15 – 8:00pm

Left Lane: Jeff Balton – 5.093 et – 126.25 mph
Right Lane: Bennie MacDonald - 4.057 et – 181.25 mph

Nice run by Bennie to start the show…

Left Lane: Bill Wright – 7.160 et – 65.40 mph
Right Lane: Dwayne Watkins – 4.085 et – 173.01 mph

Watkins with another great run…

Left Lane: Joshua Hernandez – 8.488et – 64.25 mph
Right Lane: Joey Martin – 3.931 et – 186.48 mph

Josh smokes the hides & Joey Martin makes a great run!!!!!

Left Lane: Brian Daniels – 4.053 et – 180.99 mph
Right Lane: Troy Critchley – 4.053 et – 187.00 mph

Nice runs by both guys…
Left Lane: Toney Russell – 6.272 et – 91.40 mph
Right Lane: Mike Bell – 4.001 et – 184.22 mph

The Lowmad shakes & Bell goes right down the groove…

Left Lane: Bil Clanton – 6.962 et – 68.40 mph
Right Lane: Frankie Taylor – 4.071 et – 182.48 mph

Clanton has problems…

Left Lane: Travis Swearingen – 4.143 et – 186.25 mph
Right Lane: Bryan Dyar – 4.000 et – 180.62 mph

Rector really has Dyar running well…

Left Lane: TJ Harrill– 8.507 et – 71.61 mph
Right Lane: Bubba Stanton – 4.050 et – 181.11 mph

TJ gets loose real early & Bubba makes a nice run….
Left Lane: Michael Neal – 4.148 et – 175.18 mph
Right Lane:

Michael leaves a little soft..

Left Lane: Quain Stott- 4.028 et – 180.16 mph
Right Lane: Todd Tutterow – 4.113 et – 181.32 mph

A little off the pace for both guys, Stott with a .93 earlier in testing!!

Left Lane: Bruce McGee- 5.492 et – 91.13 mph
Right Lane: Herman Sheppard – 3.967 et – 184.85 mph

Mcgee leaves before the tree & Herman makes a killer run!!

Left Lane: Eddie Ware – 4.085 et – 188.49 mph
Right Lane: Kelly Martin – 4.131 et – 185.51 mph

Eddie Ware in the IHRA winning camaro makes a nice run & Martin also in a great looking ’57…

Left Lane: Todd Bauknecht- 6.080 et – 75.24 mph
Right Lane:

Todd gets way crossed up & crosses the centerline…

Left Lane: Mike Neal – 4.000 et – 185.21 mph
Right Lane:

Neal with another 4 flat…

Left Lane: Chip King – 6.825et – 65.21 mph
Right Lane: Bryon Rich – no time

Chip King blew the tires off again… Rich never took the tree….


Flowmaster ADRL Dragstock III – Rockingham, NC
Pro Nitrous Qualifying Notes - Round 1 – Sept 15 – 8:30pm

Left Lane: Greg Godwin – 4.057 et – 179.71 mph
Right Lane: Ronnie Hood – 9.568 et – 44.98 mph

Great run by Godwin to start things off..

Left Lane: Jerry Bridgeforth – 4.279 et – 174.68 mph
Right Lane: Brian Williams – 4.129 et – 177.93

Nice pass by Williams in the old Tutterow mustang…

Left Lane: Rickie Smith – 4.065 et – 189.26 mph
Right Lane: Steve Cossis – 9.368 et – 64.49 mph

Nice run by Smith, Cossis shakes right off the line…

Left Lane: Annette Summer – 7.085 et – 68.22 mph
Right Lane: Shannon Jenkins – 6.239 et – 75.68 mph

Major shake for both racers…

Left Lane: Tracy Cockman – 9.064 et – 49.83 mph
Right Lane: Dennis Radford – 4.044 et – 181.08 mph

Radford makes a great run to go to #1…

Left Lane: Billy Harper – 9.942 et – 45.04 mph
Right Lane: Randy Weatherford – 4.010 et – 182.01 mph

Harper has problems & Weatherford makes a GREAT run!!!

Left Lane: Dave Roemer – 4.056 et – 188.81 mph
Right Lane: Pat Stoken – 4.019 et – 182.48 mph

Great runs by both guys!!

Left Lane: Rex Kelley – broke
Right Lane: Doeg Riesterer – 4.007 et – 181.81 mph

Kelley broke after the burnout…Riesterer made a HUGE run with a .979 60’!!!!

Left Lane: Ben Ledford – 4.215 et – 176.51 mph
Right Lane: Candyce Marsh – 4.222 et – 168.41 mph

A side by side race…

Left Lane: Jamie Hancock– 4.069 et – 179.93 mph
Right Lane: Steve Vick –???

Hancock’s run looked good. Vick was right with him, but something happened with the clocks…

Left Lane: Dan Bandish – 5.383 et – ??? mph
Right Lane: Rick Moore – 4.411 et – 134.94 mph

Moore nearly hit the wall…

Left Lane: Burton Auxier– 4.111 et – 180.38 mph
Right Lane: Johnny Pilcher – Johnny Picher – 6.831 – 106.21

Something happened to Pilcher right off the line… Burton made a nice run…

Left Lane: Rod Houck– 4.068 et – 188.62 mph
Right Lane: Keith Baker – 4.092 et – 179.90 mph

Great side by side run… Big speed by Houck…

Left Lane: Dan Parker – 4.173 et – 183.02 mph
Right Lane: Buzz Varner – 4.107 et – 177.98 mph

Left Lane: Sonny Tindal– 4.140 et – 184.07 mph
Right Lane: Terry Housley – 4.111 et – 176.40 mph

Good runs, but this will get Tindal to the bump spot…

Left Lane: Mike Castellana– 5.254 et – 100.07 mph
Right Lane: Dale Brinsfield – 8.791 et – 77.27 mph

Shake for both guys…

Left Lane: Charles Carpenter – 4.084 et – 187.31 mph
Right Lane:

A great run with big mph for the legend!!!



Kenny Benso involved in spectacular crash at ADRL Dragstock III event

(9-15-2006) - Mountain motor Pro Stock cars were invited to participate in the 3rd annual Dragstock show being held at North Carolina’s Rockingham Dragway this weekend. Kenny Benso was expecting to use the event to test in preparation for the IHRA finale, scheduled for this track next month.

Unfortunately for Benso, the weekend ended suddenly when he lost control of his 2006 Cobalt during a test run. The car rolled twice before contacting the right wall. It then crossed the track, bounced off the opposite wall and came to rest in the middle of the track with fire bellowing from the front end.

The rescue teams rolled as quickly as possible but it was the quick actions of Herman Sheppard, the youngest driver in attendance, that prevented Benso from receiving serious injuries. Sheppard was on the return road after his run and Benso’s car came to rest almost directly in front of his position.

Still in his fire suit, Sheppard scaled the retaining wall and was able to assist Benso from the flaming car. At the same time, Sheppard hit the fire bottles to extinguish the fire and then tuned off the fuel pump. The fire rescue team arrived at that time and assisted Benso into the emergency vehicle.

Benso was shaken up but otherwise uninjured.


III Notebook

Pro 10.5 entry list -
The ADRL offices received more than 20 entry requests for the Pro 10.5 competition at DRAGSTOCK III. The class is expected to join Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous as the ADRL's third points-earning category in 2007. The entries for the DRAGSTOCK III Pro 10.5 competition, in alphabetic order:

Jack Barfield, Marcus Birt, Tony Bolt, Brad Brand, Jared Brunner, Bobby Cole, Danny Cook, Mike Donnahue, Harold Galtney, Rob Hale, Scott Hartley, Mike Hill, Keith Jackson, Tommy Kelly, Steve Kirk Jr., Tim Lynch, Stacy McIntyre, Craig Miller, Alan Mullins, Jeff Naiser, Michael Robinson, and Lance Styck.

DRAGSTOCK III grand marshals -
As befitting the ADRL's largest and oldest event, DRAGSTOCK III will feature three grand marshals: Wendy Stallings, president of Eastern Race Fuels; Reggie Fountain of Fountain Powerboats; and legendary drag racing announcer and television personality Dave McClelland.

Battle for the Belts scenarios - DRAGSTOCK III will determine the eight-car fields for the ADRL's second annual Battle for the Belts competition, the season-ending eliminators in both Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous that will decide the 2006 ADRL world champions. Only the top eight points-earners in each class at the conclusion of DRAGSTOCK III are guaranteed a spot in 
their respective fields.

The Battle for the Belts will be held in Kennedale, Texas, in October, which will be the last of the seven events on the 2006 schedule.

Heading into DRAGSTOCK III, a number of drivers have managed to 
clinch Battle for the Belts spots in either Pro Extreme or Pro 
Nitrous, and a number of others could secure an invitation with a 
strong performance in Rockingham. Following is a breakdown of each 
class' major contenders:

Pro Extreme Clinched -
Mike Neal (1,564 points), Bil Clanton (1,473), John Lynam (1,436), and Jason Scruggs (1,370). The first three drivers have 
clinched mathematically; Scruggs is in because no combination of 
events in Rockingham could push him lower than eighth place.

99-percent clinched: Quain Stott (1,244). Stott will clinch the 
minute either Todd Tutterow or Thomas Patterson loses in eliminations 
or DNQs.

Looking good - Joshua Hernandez (1,154) and Joey Martin (1,051): These 
are the only other drivers over 1,000 points and both have a 
significant advantage of 300-plus points over ninth-place Patterson.

Could use some help -
Tutterow (735), Patterson (719), Troy Critchley 
(718), Todd Bauknecht (620), and Toney Russell (619). For this group 
of drivers, on-track performance in Rockingham will be the difference 
between attending the Kennedale race to run in the Battle for the 
Belts or to run in the regular Pro Extreme eliminator the next night.

Pro Nitrous Clinched - Keith Baker (1,558), Terry Housley (1,437), Burton Auxier (1,362), and Johnny Pilcher (1,258). Baker, Housley, and Auxier all 
have event wins under their belts; Pilcher is the class' most consistent qualifier.

Could use some help - Rex Kelley, James Hancock, Shannon Jenkins, 
Tutterow, Mike Castellana, Harold Martin, Ken Thomas (all between 851 
and 715 points). There is no "looking good" category for Pro Nitrous, 
as nothing beyond the drivers already in the show can be predicted 
with any certainty. A mere 136 points separates these seven drivers, 
at least three of whom will not be qualifying to run for the ADRL Pro 
Nitrous championship.


Loaded DRAGSTOCK Pro Extreme Field Features Every Driver in Top 20

(9-15-2006) - The deepest field in Pro Extreme history is gathering at Rockingham Dragway, ready to begin fighting on Friday for both an Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III title and a coveted spot in the FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League championship eliminators next month.

Every member of the top 20 in the current ADRL Pro Extreme points 
standings has pre-entered for DRAGSTOCK III, which begins Friday with 
open testing and a single qualifying run in the evening. As of 
Monday, the ADRL offices had accepted a full 60 entries for the 
class, which will qualify 16 cars for Saturday's eliminations.

The Pro Extreme competition at DRAGSTOCK is the ADRL's oldest single 
event, dating back to 2004.

"An eight-car eliminator at the first DRAGSTOCK is where the 
FLOWMASTER ADRL really got started,  so  I feel as if we'll reach 
another milestone this weekend," said ADRL President Kenny Nowling. 
"The competition this year, though, should be like nothing ever seen 
before. We have a huge field of nothing but hitters, and there's only 
16 spots out there for Saturday night. Speaking as a race fan, I 
can't wait."

With every member of the current top 20 entered, there are certainly 
no weak spots at the top of the Pro Extreme field. Mike Neal enters 
DRAGSTOCK III with the Pro Extreme points lead, having scored 1,564 
points over the last six ADRL events. He is closely followed by Bil 
Clanton and 2005 ADRL world champion John Lynam, who are both in the 
1,400s, and record-setting Jason Scruggs, who sits in fourth place at 
1,370 points.

All four of those drivers have already clinched spots in next month's 
ADRL Battle for the Belts world championship eliminators. The top 
eight drivers in the Pro Extreme points standings at the conclusion 
of DRAGSTOCK III will qualify to run in the Battle for the Belts, a 
three-round eliminator that will determine the 2006 ADRL Pro Extreme 
world champion.

Behind Scruggs, a logjam of drivers from the fifth spot on down will 
be looking to go as many rounds as possible in Rockingham and hoping 
that the gods of mathematics rule in their favor. That group contains 
a number of the class' heavy hitters, including fifth-place Quain 
Stott, Houston winner Joey Martin (seventh place), veterans Troy 
Critchley and Thomas Patterson (ninth and 10th, respectively) and 
Huntsville winner Brian Daniels, whose late-season scoring surge has 
him in 15th place with a mathematical shot at reaching the top eight.

Following Friday's one qualifying run, drivers in Pro Extreme will 
get two more chances to qualify on Saturday. The quickest 16 
survivors of what looks to be a brutal qualifying battle will then 
advance to eliminations later that day.

Stott is the defending event champion. He outlasted a large field 
before eventually edging Lynam in the final on a holeshot, 4.000 to 


ADRL Battle for the Belts points standings
(through 6 of 7 events; top 8 qualify; qualified drivers denoted with *)

1.    *Mike Neal    1,564
2.    *Bil Clanton    1,473
3.    *John Lynam    1,436
4.    *Jason Scruggs    1,370
5.    Quain Stott    1,244
6.    Josh Hernandez    1,154
7.    Joey Martin    1,051
8.    Todd Tutterow    735
9.    Thomas Patterson    719
10.    Troy Critchley    718
11.    Todd Bauknecht    620
12.    Toney Russell    619
13.    Chip King    524
14.    Bubba Stanton    516
15.    Brian Daniels    507

1.    *Keith Baker    1,558
2.    *Terry Housley    1,437
3.    *Burton Auxier    1,362
4.    *Johnny Pilcher    1,258
5.    Rex Kelley    851
6.    James Hancock    843
7.    Shannon Jenkins    841
8.    Todd Tutterow    836
9.    Mike Castellana    736
10.    Harold Martin    728
11.    Ken Thomas    715
12.    R. Weatherford    542
13.    Steve Vick    515
14.    Aaron Hodges    427
15.    Dan Parker    425


Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III
Pro Extreme entry list

Tom Ashley
Joe Baker
Jeff Balton
Cody Barklage
Zach Barklage
Todd Bauknecht
Mike Bell
Scott Cannon Jr.
Bil Clanton
Troy Critchley
Joe Culver
Brian Daniels
Bryan Dyar
Steve Engel
Buddy Farmer
Jeff Fisher
Tommy Gray Jr.
Jason Green
T.J. Harrill
Gene Hayes
Jimmy Hendrix
Josh Hernandez
Jerry Hicks
Ed Hoover
Kenny Keller
Chip King
Bill Kuhlmann
Taylor Lastor
John Lynam
Joey Martin
Kelly Martin
Tommy Mauney
Bennie McDonald Jr.
Ron Muenks
Michael Neal
Mike Neal
Phil Osborne
Thomas Patterson
Alan Pittman
Jerry Prater
Scott Ray
Jerry Rhodes
Bryon Rich
Don Roddy
Rodney Rosenstiel
Toney Russell
Hugh Scott
Chris Scrocca
Jason Scruggs
Bryan Seward
Herman Sheppard
Bubba Stanton
Ron Stokes
Quain Stott
Travis Swearingen
Frankie Taylor
Todd Tutterow
Eddie Ware
Bill Wright
Dwayne Watkins

Fierce Points Battles Loom for Many Pro Nitrous Drivers

(9-14-2006) - Every round will be crucial - even every qualifying point will matter - when a large Pro Nitrous field begins racing for real on Friday at the FLOWMASTER American Drag Racing League's Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III event at Rockingham Raceway.

In addition to competing for an event title at the ADRL's oldest and 
largest event, a number of Pro Nitrous drivers will have their 
calculators at the ready to keep track of their chances of qualifying 
for next month's ADRL Battle for the Belts world championship 
eliminator. Only the top eight Pro Nitrous points-earners at the 
conclusion of DRAGSTOCK III eliminations will qualify for the Battle 
for the Belts competition, which will determine the 2006 ADRL world 

As of Monday, 48 Pro Nitrous entry requests for DRAGSTOCK III had 
been received by the ADRL offices, including entries from nine of the 
drivers in the current top 10 of the points standings. That list 
includes the top four drivers in the Pro Nitrous points standings - 
points leader Keith Baker, Huntsville winner Terry Housley, Burton 
Auxier, and series veteran Johnny Pilcher - all of whom have clinched 
places in the Battle for the Belts.

The struggle for the final four positions, though, looks to a 
dogfight between a number of drivers. The fifth- through seventh-
place drivers (Rex Kelley, James Hancock, and Shannon Jenkins) are 
separated by a mere 10 points, and further back lurk drivers such as 
Mike Castellana and Harold Martin, who are about one round-win away 
from the number-eight spot. The competition for places in the Belts 
run-off looks to be close enough that qualifying points at DRAGSTOCK 
III - 16 for No. 1, down to 1 for No. 16 - could make the difference 
for many drivers.

The Pro Nitrous contingent will have a single qualifying session 
Friday night, followed by two more qualifying attempts on Saturday.  
The quickest 16 cars will then take a short break before beginning 
eliminations later that day.

Jenkins won last year's event in the first DRAGSTOCK appearance for 
the Pro Nitrous class.


ADRL Battle for the Belts points standings
(through 6 of 7 events; top 8 qualify; qualified drivers denoted with *)

1.    *Mike Neal    1,564
2.    *Bil Clanton    1,473
3.    *John Lynam    1,436
4.    *Jason Scruggs    1,370
5.    Quain Stott    1,244
6.    Josh Hernandez    1,154
7.    Joey Martin    1,051
8.    Todd Tutterow    735
9.    Thomas Patterson    719
10.    Troy Critchley    718
11.    Todd Bauknecht    620
12.    Toney Russell    619
13.    Chip King    524
14.    Bubba Stanton    516
15.    Brian Daniels    507

1.    *Keith Baker    1,558
2.    *Terry Housley    1,437
3.    *Burton Auxier    1,362
4.    *Johnny Pilcher    1,258
5.    Rex Kelley    851
6.    James Hancock    843
7.    Shannon Jenkins    841
8.    Todd Tutterow    836
9.    Mike Castellana    736
10.    Harold Martin    728
11.    Ken Thomas    715
12.    R. Weatherford    542
13.    Steve Vick    515
14.    Aaron Hodges    427
15.    Dan Parker    425


Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III
Pro Nitrous entry list

Stan Allen
Burton Auxier
Keith Baker
Johnny Barb
Jerry Bridgeforth
Dale Brinsfield
Charles Carpenter
Mike Castellana
Steve Cossis
Thomas Dunford
Pererik Fors
Greg Godwin
James Hancock III
Jamie Hancock
Billy Harper
Ronnie Hood
Rod Houck
Terry Housley
Shannon Jenkins
Mike Johnson
Rex Kelly
Kenny Kneece
Ben Ledford
Thomas Lee
Candyce Marsh
Jay Marshall
Harold Martin
Rick Moore
Johnny Murray
Thomas Myers
Chuck Nuytten
Dan Parker
Doug Patton
Johnny Pilcher
Dennis Radford
Doug Riesterer
Harold Robinson
David Roemer
Jeff Simpkins
Rickie Smith
Teddy Smith
Bubba Stanton
Pat Stoken
Annette Summer
Sonny Tindal
Buzz Varner
Steve Vick
Randy Weatherford



(9-12-2006) - The biggest event in Outlaw Pro Mod racing just keeps getting bigger, with this weekend's American Drag Racing League Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK III event expected to outshine its two predecessors in terms of both car count and attendance.

More than 140 pre-entries in three classes have been approved for DRAGSTOCK III, according to ADRL President Kenny Nowling. The event, the sixth of seven on the 2006 ADRL schedule, will feature points-earning competitions in both the Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous classes, as well as a Pro 10.5 competition that will showcase a class due to become a full ADRL eliminator in 2007.

"The Eastern Race Fuels DRAGSTOCK event has always been the premier Pro Mod event of the year, but the enthusiasm I have seen from race teams and fans for DRAGSTOCK III has been nothing short of phenomenal," Nowling said. "Everyone in the ADRL family is looking forward to huge fields and crowded grandstands at Rockingham Dragway."

The event begins Friday with open testing sessions throughout most of the day and the first round of qualifying for both the Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous classes at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. As always at ADRL events, Saturday is a full day, with Sportsman time trials and eliminations beginning at 9:30 a.m. and Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous qualifying resuming at noon. Eliminations in the two Outlaw Pro Mod classes are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. DRAGSTOCK III will also feature an eight-car mountain-motor Pro Stock competition.

In addition to competing for event titles at DRAGSTOCK III, a number of ADRL drivers will also be looking to clinch spots in next month's Battle for the Belts ADRL world championship eliminators in Kennedale, Texas. DRAGSTOCK III is the final event in which drivers can earn points in the 2006 ADRL standings, and only the top eight points-earners in each Outlaw Pro Mod class are guaranteed positions in the Battle for the Belts eliminators.

Entering this weekend's event, Mike Neal (1,564 points), Bil Clanton (1,473), John Lynam (1,436), and Jason Scruggs (1,370) have clinched spots in the Pro Extreme half of the Belts competition, while Keith Baker (1,558), Terry Housley (1,437), Burton Auxier (1,362), and Johnny Pilcher (1,258) are already qualified for the Pro Nitrous competition. In both classes, a number of drivers in lower positions could claim spots in the Belts competition by racing well in Rockingham, but the exact order of the Belts qualifiers will likely not be determined until the final pairs go down the track.

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