Torco’s has heard from several sources that Don Prudhomme may have already signed, or is on the brink of signing a major sponsorship agreement with SkyTel for two-time POWERade Top Fuel champion Larry Dixon.  Our sources report that Dixon’s car and rig are painted bright orange at present, but no corporate logos have been applied.  The team will reportedly test in Phoenix in a couple of weeks, skipping the initial testing in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

SkyTel is a communications company specializing in vehicle tracking devices (Big Brother may indeed be watching you!), two-way interactive messaging systems, pagers and WiFi Internet access systems.

Sources at Snake Racing have indicated that a sponsorship announcement for Dixon’s car will be forthcoming prior to the Firebird Raceway test session, but that source went on to say that “I’m neither confirming or denying that we have a sponsorship agreement with SkyTel.”