It's the 800-pound gorilla in the corner of the room which no media outlet wants to touch without confirmation. Will John Force Racing be at the back-to-back Indianapolis events or even at all this season?

The rumor mill has spun to include such theories as retirement for the 16-time champion, to loss of sponsorship to sponsors wanting drag racing's icon to take the season off. JFR has not commented publicly to neither confirm nor deny the multitude of rumors in play at this time. 

The most significant news we've heard from the previously silent team is an answer is expected to arrive on Monday regarding the future of the team, at least as far as this season is concerned. While we'd never wager regarding the toughness of Force, we believe its a safe bet to figure he and his teams are done for at least 2020.

UPDATE - Monday's deadline for entering this weekend's NHRA Nationals passed this afternoon without any of the John Force Racing cars (two Funny Car, two Top Fuelers) entering the event. Unless the NHRA allows for a later entry, it appears they are out for this weekend. An announcement was also expected today, but never came either.