In a recent gathering of racers, media and race officials to discuss the state of Pro Modified, it was revealed there was a movement to get some of the NHRA Pro Modified cars into the wind tunnel in an attempt to determine which nostalgia-themed bodies can cut through the wind more efficient than others. Apparently the goal is to ponder weight breaks for certain body styles based on the data. What many believe will happen is this data will be used to make sleeker bodies and in turn create a car which slices through the air better. This is where the problem lies; over the last few seasons the NHRA has placed an unofficial speed limit on the Pro Modifieds, although they will not call it one. Wasn't about five years ago when the NHRA tech department made rule changes to slow down Rickie Smith when he ran 250-mph in a nitrous car?

It's our guess no one believes the same issues which greatly affected Pro Stock will hurt Pro Modified. They better think again.