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New clutch & disc for 2005 to 2006 Ford Mustang V6

centerforce1.jpgCenterforce® is proud to introduce this new clutch & disc for 2005 to 2006 Ford Mustang V6.

This new clutch assembly replaces the stock pressure plate with a more
reliable assembly with a higher holding capacity that is designed as a
direct bolt in for perfect fit and function.

Centerforce strives to provide the best products on the market at any
performance level by using patented processes and constantly testing
different materials and designs to find the best combination.
This new application is now available as a Centerforce II clutch
assembly for vehicles with increased torque that are spirited street
driving & mild racing applications.

The Centerforce II part number is CFT363309 (Pressure Plate Only) and Disc part number is 289040 (Disc Only).Please contact any Centerforce dealer or Centerforce directly with questions at 928/771-8422 or visit them online at www.centerforce.com

TCI Integrates Universal Micro-Switch Into Outlaw Shifter Handle

TCI®makes trans-brake, roll stop, or nitrous control easier with new
bolt-on grip replacement for the NHRA/IHRA legal reverse-lockout
Outlaw™ shifter
Lack of concentration is the number one cause of inconsistent results
on the track. You can’t make the driver reach for poorly placed buttons
and switches or concentration on driving is lost.

TCI®engineers have found a way to make the job of driving your car
easier by creating a bolt-on replacement shifter grip handle (Part
#618008), which incorporates an electronic thumb activated micro-switch
for the NHRA/IHRA legal Outlaw™ Shifter. This ergonomic thumb switch
makes smooth activation and release of trans-brake, roll stop, or even
nitrous, easy by allowing you to keep your hand on the shifter handle.
This grip handle’s precision micro-switch positioning was inspired by
equipment used in today’s military fighters to increase driver
concentration, reduce driver fatigue and help the team attain
consistent results.

The bolt-on grip handle is a direct replacement for the standard
Outlaw™ Shifter Grip Handle, takes only minutes to install and connect
and comes complete with the necessary hardware and simple installation

For more information about the TCI®Outlaw Shifter
Grip Handle with Micro-Switch or any other TCI®product, call us at
1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at www.tciauto.com .

Monte Carlo/El Camino Dash Pad Restoration By Just Dashes

justdashes.jpgChevy’s 1978-’88 Monte Carlo and El Camino share the same dash pad. This huge pad is literally the entire dashboard of these vehicles, and age, weather conditions and UV rays have usually taken a toll on the vinyl material. Cracks, fading and material lifting are common problems. Since there are no reproductions available, and a quarter century old original will surely crack as well, a JUST DASHES restoration is the best solution.
This dash was available in most stock interior colors and the vinyl grain used by the factory is Seville. JUST DASHES will completely restore these vintage pads in the correct original color and grain pattern, or in a custom color of your choice from a supplied color sample. They can also provide plastic chrome plating, instrument cluster and gauge restoration as well as structural restoration of the dash frame. Contact them and discuss your interior restoration with one of their craftsmen. They will most likely be able to give you an over the phone price quote.
You can find out more on their products and services at www.justdashes.com or call 800-247-3274, In CA 818-759-9005, Fax: 818-759-9014, 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys. CA 91411.

March Meet Coverage, Historic DVD Available

march_meet.jpgRat rodders and “cacklefesters” recently came together with 
nostalgia fuelers and Funny Cars for a fantasy weekend at Famoso 

The personal 8mm movies of pioneer drag racers and lakes racers from the 1950s and ’60s have been merged into a fascinating new DVD,  “The Way It Really Was: The Rough Cut.”

Burt Munro, Mickey Thompson, Norm Thatcher and the Summers brothers are among the legends filmed by their fellow racers at Bonneville.   Just about every streamliner that ever raced is shown, in color.  

Extensive dry-lakes footage includes a scary spinout recorded by a 
primitive onboard camera.

Action and pit film from legendary drag strips at Long Beach, Santa 
Ana, Riverside, Pomona, Fontana, Saugus, Fremont and Famoso 
illustrates the evolutions not only of slingshot dragsters, altereds, 
gassers and drag bikes, but also of “push cars” and female fashions.

Two hours long,  “The Way It Really Was” (PN 6930) can be 
purchased 24/7 from Hot Rod Nostalgia’s SECURE Web store at www.hotrodnostalgia.com

To charge to Visa or Mastercard, call (209) 293-2114 Monday through Friday,  9-5, PT.  To order by mail, send $24.95 plus $8.95 delivery to Hot 
Rod Nostalgia, P.O. Box 249, West Point, CA 95255-0249.  (Calif. 
residents, add $1.81 tax.)  Your DVD will be rushed out the next 
business day, via Priority Mail.


jw.jpgJ.W. Performance Transmissions announces the introduction of a new full length chrome moly output shaft with a higher strength than traditional chrome moly output shafts.  The output shaft is aircraft quality steel designed from E-4340 triple alloy chrome moly steel, which results in a deeper hardening, shock and impact resistant with excellent torque strength.  The new design is precision CNC machined and in house balanced. To complete the assembly also available are complete pin and assembly kits for less than $140.00, ( Part numbers 10777W and 10777-K). 

For details on this exciting new product call 321-632-6205 or go to the web at www.racewithjw.com .  For details send a quick e-mail to [email protected] and refer to part number 10784.  This product retails at $125.00, with special transmission builder pricing available for those who qualify.

Nitrod Gauge Now Available Online

console_mount.jpgIn the past, the Nitrod VPM-100G was only available in performance shops in selected cities.  Nitrod is proud to announce that car enthusiasts can now purchase the VPM-100G from anywhere in the United State and Canada. With its onboard high precision accelerometer chips and its ability to communicate with your vehicle’s ECU, the Nitrod VPM-100G is the ultimate performance monitoring and measuring device for your car or truck. The Nitrod VPM-100G is a multi-purpose digital gauge that installs in seconds with no tools required. In a few second you will be able to measure your car performance, display vital sensor data in real-time and even know your fuel consumption.  

Product features at a glance:

Plug & Play – Install with no tools in seconds
Plugs in Diagnostic port (OBDII)
Displays and Logs Real-Time Vehicle Sensor Data
Fuel Consumption Gauge
Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes - DTC (Fault code)
Turn-Off Check Engine Light ( ) & Delete DTCs
Us and Metric units
Measures Elapsed Time for: 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 60 ft, 0-60 mph….
Measures Maximum Horsepower
Measures Cornering, Braking & Accelerating g-force
Visual & Audible Alarms (shift alarm and more)
Works with most car and trucks 1996 and up

Here is a list of sensors that can be read by the VPM-100G:

Air Intake Manifold Pressure (Vacuum/Boost)
Mass Air Flow
Engine Coolant Temperature
Air Intake Temperature
Narrow Band O2 Sensors
Wide Band O2 Sensors (A/F - Lambda)
Battery/Alternator Voltage
Tachometer & Vehicle Speed
Spark Advance
Long- and Short-Term Fuel Trims
Throttle Position
Engine Load Value
Fuel system status 

For more info please visit: www.nitrod.com

New RHS T-Shirts Designs Debut

RHS introduces two new t-shirt designs available in three color combinations

rhs_t-shirts.jpg“Use Your Head” and your t-shirt to announce your allegiance to Racing Head Service™. Available in white, gray or black, these 100 percent preshrunk cotton t-shirts feature full-color, screen printed logos on the front and back and are available in a wide range of sizes from medium through XXL (white t-shirts are also available in XXXL).

Sure to get noticed, the black RHS™ t-shirts feature “Use Your Head” lettering on the front and the RHS™ logo on the back. Both the white and gray t-shirts have the RHS™ logo on the front and the back sports the website in bold type as “RACING HEAD SERVICE dot COM.” Affordable and durable, the new RHS™ t-shirts are a great way to show the crowd you know performance.

For more information about the three new RHS™ T-Shirts or any other RHS™ product, call us at 1-877-776-4323, or visit us online at www.racingheadservice.com .

BCR Products New Girdle System

girdle2023.jpgBCR Products has developed a new engine girdle system for the BB Mopar OEM blocks. This system is unique in that it is the only dedicated cap and girdle system available. It is also the only system that ties in the No.5 main cap to the girdle.

This system will also work with existing OEM or aluminum main caps, securing via extra long main studs, or by using the new redesigned caps and outboard ARP fasteners. These caps offer superior harmonic absorption and rigidity and due to their shape help reduce cross windage.

Top quality aircraft and ARP fasteners and unique features are used throughout. This is the ultimate addition to your OEM block to ensure a bulletproof build.

For more information and photos visit www.bcrproducts.com

Exile Turbo Systems Introduces MSBC-1 ET01 Multi Stage Electronic Boost Controller

New Multi Stage Boost Controller Produces Repeatable Controlled

exile_turbo.jpgExile Turbo Systems introduces the MSBC-1 ET01 multi stage boost
controller for performance, street, road race and drag race
applications. The MSBC-1 electronically controls the wastegate,
you can produce repeatable controlled boost profiles with a variety of
turbo systems and in a variety of applications wrapped up in a
cost-effective, easy-to-use package. Engineering a turbo system to
perform at its optimum involves carefully matching all components
including turbo, wastegate, intercooler and so on. Creating and
controlling boost is essential in obtaining maximum performance.

wastegate controls can help, to a degree, however they can get
complicated if you need more than one stage of boost and results can
vary depending on load, weather and other variables. Exile's SBC-1 ET01
electronic boost controller takes fine-tuning a turbo system to a whole
new level.

The new MSBC-1 ET01 features include

* Six stage programmable boost control

* 18 different ramp settings to control how fast the boost is allowed
to build including a 2 stage ramp made up of a starting ramp, ending
ramp and = a 50%, 60% or 70% switch point.

* 0-80 PSI target boost range in 1 PSI increments.

* Launch stage for drag racing

* Shift input for automatic stage selection for drag race applications.

* 4 built in timers for timed boost control.

* Front panel stage selection and programming.

* Read out of actual boost during boost control.

* Built in self diagnostic feature.

* 2 analog data recorder outputs for actual and target boost level

* 2 solenoid drive outputs for increase and decrease solenoids.

* Can be used with single and dual port wastegates.

Retail price: MSBC-1 ET01, $695. Kit includes processor, map sensor, increase and decrease solenoids and wiring harness.

For more information log on to www.exileturbo.com or email at [email protected].

Powermaster Model 1004 Intelligent 16V Battery Charger

powermaster_01.jpgWith over 12 years experience in setting the trend for innovation and reliability in automotive charging systems, Powermaster’s reputation for cutting-edge design and stead-fast performance has been unmatched.  Performance niche markets including street rods and restoration, road race, drag race, off road, marine, circle track and even world rally have all chosen Powermaster products for their superior and repeatable performance.

New for 2007, Powermaster has added a new and exciting 16-volt battery charger to its line of 16-volt products.  Designated part  # 1004, Powermaster’s new charger shares many of it’s exclusive hi-tech features with it’s big brother battery charger part # 1005, which has quickly become the preference of many competitors since it’s release over a year ago.   

Other chargers previously on the market force in current at a pre-set rate with no way to modify for various battery charge conditions.  Many less sophisticated chargers use one set voltage and rely on time as the only variable for charging.  Time based charging never allows the battery to be gently topped off; to do so would overheat the battery. Using other inferior chargers can also lead to overcharging, reduced battery life, and decreased battery performance.

Weighing in at just 18 lbs, the 1004 is the perfect charger for the hardcore racer who exclusively needs to charge 16 volt batteries with a compact durable unit.  Charging amperage is preset at 20 amps peak, 15 amps continuous, which testing has shown to be the most efficient level of charging current for AGM style 16-volt batteries.  The new 1004 intellicharger, like the 1005 utilizes superior microprocessor controlled, true 3 stage intelligent charging, meaning the charger actually has the ability to modify both voltage and amperage output across 3 distinct charging modes.  Three stage charging allows the battery to always receive current matched for its condition, which means longer battery life, and hotter charge with less time.  Best of all, the 1004 smart charger does all of this automatically and requires no monitoring by the racer; simply plug in the charger, attach the leads to the battery, and let the charger do the rest.  The 1004 can be left on the battery indefinitely, maintaining a 100% charge on the battery with no fear of overcharging.

Powermaster has been rapidly taking the 16-volt market by storm.  The new ultra-competitively priced 1004 16-volt battery charger will allow even more racers to experience the 16-volt difference this season without skewing their budgets.  With more features, better performance, rock-solid reliability and a low price, the competition had better watch out; the 1004 intellicharger is just as smart as it sounds! 

Powermaster offers a $25 customer rebate through the end of May.

For more information, visit www.powermastermotorsports.com .