Brian Making a tester page and publishing it to ensure all is working and can be used.... This test page is going to have several factors in the test included...... Let's test BOLD and Italics so that when we see underlined it can be defined better as well. The strike through feature seems to work well.... If I want to change the color like any other editor it Alt text is simple to add as wellworks just the same.

Loading an inmage in the article should be an easy feature like all other editors.... Grab the url and insert and it brings the pic right up and inserts it to the place you want it or otherwise expect it.... Resizing the pic is the same as well.... Make it larger or smaller with ease..... Moving the image is also done with the same ease.


Multiple pics in an article are just as simple to load and will show....Editor In Chief Putting a boarder around your pics is really simple as it should be.... It makes them look clean and neat as the magazone should.... Bobby Bennett Editor in chief 


The system has spell check and Find/Replace as well in case there is a Global change that is needed.... Anchor text is easy and so are other links.....