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:::::: New Products ::::::

Chromium-Plated and Powder-Coated Carburetors

barry_grant_coatings.jpgDemon Carburetion, a Barry Grant, Inc., company, announces optional finishes for new Demon carburetors. For 2007, chromium plating or custom powder-coatings are available in a wide range of popular colors, including some candy shades. Additionally, Rush air filter assemblies, separate carburetor center sections, and float bowls will also be undertaken. Order these powder-coated induction parts from your Barry Grant dealer and bring a matched hue of individuality to your Demon carburetor and air cleaner.

For complete information, visit their website for the latest Catalog/Technical Manual

ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System Is Specifically Designed For Late Model Hemi Engines

zexhemimagnum-chargernitrouskit.jpgNew advanced system safely adds 75–125 hp to popular 2005 & newer Hemi engine applications

Chrysler’s late model Hemi engines are the perfect platform for nitrous
injection upgrades. The ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System comes
factory pre-assembled, making for a simple and easy, plug and play
installation (two hours from start to finish).

For the ultimate in safety, the ZEX™ kit also uses an advanced safety
technology called Active Fuel Control™. This exclusive ZEX™ technology
monitors the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the kit’s fuel
enrichment so you are never too rich or too lean.

ZEX™ engineers always keep safety in mind when designing their
products; the ZEX™-patented electronic TPS switch is a case in point.
Another ZEX™ exclusive, the throttle position sensor feature ensures
that the nitrous oxide system activates only at wide open throttle,
making sure that the nitrous shot is introduced only at the best
possible moment.

Exclusive ZEX™ features like these set the industry standard for
convenience, safety, and performance. For more information, visit
online at .

‘05-’07 CORVETTE C6 - American Thunder® Exhaust System with Quad Tips

flowmaster_c6_17427.jpgFlowmaster announces the release of our American Thunder® performance exhaust kit (Part# 17427) for the ‘05-’07 Corvette(non Z06) with factory- style quad tips. This axle-back system features 2.50-inch mandrel bent tubing and a pair of specifically tuned 5x12-inch, 50 Series™ mufflers. Flowmaster engineered these mufflers, with a unique Helmholtz-tuning chamber to control interior resonance while delivering a deep and aggressive exterior tone. Through extensive testing, this kit has shown horsepower and torque gains. The kit is easily installed with its factory-style hardware and as with all Flowmaster system installations, instructions and accessory hardware are included. The kit is finished off with two, dual embossed, 3.50-inch rolled edge double-walled, polished stainless tips. All hardware for installation is included.
Specifications: Features and Benefits

Special 50 Series™ Mufflers

Deep Exterior Tone

Minimal Interior Resonance

Mandrel Bent Aluminized Tubing

Stock Factory Style Hangers For Ease Of Installation

Fits ‘05-’07 Corvette Coupe and Convertible (not Z06)

Each Mufflers Features Dual, Embossed, Rolled-Edged Double-Walled Stainless Tips

For additional information, please visit

New Dart Platinum Series PRO 1 Cylinder Heads Incorporate Advanced Wet-Flow Technology

dart_pro_bbc.jpgDart's new Platinum Series PRO 1 aluminum cylinder heads for
small-block and big-block Chevy V-8s are the direct descendents of
Dart's Pro Stock engine program, incorporating sophisticated wet-flow
technology and improved combustion efficiency. Affordable Platinum
Series PRO 1 heads offer exceptional performance in street/strip,
bracket racing, marine and high-performance applications.

"Essentially we've reinvented the standard small-block and big-block
cylinder heads," said Dart founder and president Richard Maskin. "There
were enough things to change that it justified making brand-new heads
from scratch. Our goal was to take advantage of the parts and
technology that are now available and bring these heads into the 21st

Both applications retain the original bolt locations and use stock and aftermarket bolt-on components.
"Even working within these limitations, we made big gains in efficiency
by incorporating all of the data we've collected on the wet-flow bench,
the dyno and the race track to improve the total package," Maskin
noted. "When we were finished, the sum of all the improvements was

The new PRO 1 heads' intake seats have five distinct angles – a direct
result of Dart's wet-flow testing. Each of the five angles provides a
shear point for the fuel to go into suspension before it enters the
chamber. The valves are back-cut to condition the fuel before it enters
the chamber. As a result, the engine pulls more fuel and makes more
The spark plugs in Platinum Series PRO 1 heads are located as close to
the top and center of the combustion chambers as possible, shortening
the distance that the flame front must travel and producing a more
uniform pressure rise in the cylinder.

For more information, visit .


superstreet.jpgWish you had racecar quality carburetion for your streetcar? The performance carb specialists at Quick Fuel Technology have just granted your wish with their new Super Street series starting at just $484.99!

Super Street carbs feature a Proform® aluminum main body specially constructed with a solid state electric choke for year-round easy starting. Billet metering blocks eliminate cross-well bleeding that can occur with die cast blocks, and also provide consistent precision metering. Dual metering blocks are provided in all applications to accommodate a race style four corner idle system as well as superior secondary metering. A billet throttle body, fitted with QFT’s proprietary Teflon™ coated throttle shafts and low profile button head screws, coupled with Teflon® coated throttle shaft ribbons, ensures light pedal effort and greater airflow. QFT’s exclusive lightweight contoured aluminum float bowls contain clear sight windows for easy float level adjustment. Thanks to their aluminum construction, QFT’s new Super Street carbs are over five pounds lighter then their conventional zinc counterparts. These high performance carbs utilize either “multi-link” tunable mechanical secondary activation, or Quick Fuel’s Quick Set adjustable vacuum secondary housing. All QFT SS Series carburetors accept dual feed fuel lines and use commonly available service and tuning components for easy installation and simplified maintenance. With sizes available from 650cfm through 830cfm, there is a Super Street application for almost every engine.

For more information, contact: Quick Fuel Technology on the web at: or e-mail the fuel delivery experts at [email protected] .


drce4006.jpgPro Stock technology applied to the four cylinder engine

Weston Machine, the leader in race block machining, has designed a billet 4-cylinder aluminum block exclusively for the 4-cylinder Competition Eliminator racer. The 4.900 bore space block is designed to accept the DRC 2 Pro Stock cylinder head, oil pan and Jesel belt drive.  The block also features a closed 65 MM cam tunnel, Jesel key way lifter bushings, and 4-bolt 409 mains.     

For more information contact Weston Machine at:

Black Out Gauges by B&M

for a way to update that 1980’s gauge cluster? B&M’s all new Black
Out Gauges offer a completely new look in gauge design. When the
ignition key is switched off, the gauges black out and reveal only
their aluminum-anodized bezel. Once the ignition key is switched to the
on position, the gauges come to life! High intensity LED back lighting
provides a gauge that is easily readable with a unique appearance.

A 270-degree sweep on the dial face indicates accurate readings
throughout the entire range on these precision electronic gauges. Light
blue numbers with a red LED pointer provide a dynamic look for simple
viewing, especially in low light. The transmission temperature gauge
sweeps from 120-degrees F through 300-degrees F, and the water
temperature gauge sweeps from 100-degrees F through 250-degrees
F. B&M’s Black Out Gauges include full mounting hardware and
installation instructions and are designed to fit any standard 2-1/16”
gauge pod or existing gauge hole in an instrument panel.

B&M Racing and Performance Products has been the leader of high
performance automatic transmissions, shifters and cooling products for
more than 50 years. In nearly all divisions of motorsports, B&M is
the supplier of quality engineering and race-winning technology.

For more information contact: B&M Racing & Performance Products, visit them on the web at


titanium 10-degree super locks.jpgStrong, lightweight valve locks deliver premium performance benefits

Valve locks are an often-overlooked valve train component. Regardless of their diminutive size, COMP Cams® has spent a considerable amount of time designing and testing valve locks to improve their performance and the reliability of the overall valve train.

COMP Cams® new 10-Degree Titanium Super Locks™ are not only strong and lightweight, reducing valve train mass, but incorporate a 10-degree “square groove” lock facing for premium valve holding ability.

COMP Cams® new 10-Degree Titanium Valve Super Locks™ must be used with 10-degree titanium valve spring retainers and square groove valve lock compatible valves. They are available for purchase in single sets (2) and for four, six and eight cylinder engine applications.

For more information visit us online at 


racepak.jpgThe Racepak Street Dash is a complete dash replacement. This advanced display provides all the functions of a stock dash and more. It is compact, easy to install and takes the place of 21 gauges. It is provided with everything required to display engine RPM, water tempera­ture, oil temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage.

By using the electronic speed sensor sending unit on your transmission it will also provide speedometer, odometer, and trip odometer functionality. The display on the street dash is programmed at the factory. The screen display is customizable with optional programming software available from Racepak. Speedometer and odometer calibration does not require the programming software.

Fuel level is measured with the stock tank sending unit.
Indicator lights for turn signals, parking brake, high beam, low oil pressure, high oil temperature, high water temperature, and low battery voltage.
Outputs for a shift light and an electronic fan controller relay.
Additional functions, such as pressures and temperatures, can be displayed on the street dash by adding Racepak’s optional pre-programmed V-Net modules and sensors.
For more information on Racepak’s line of high-performance components contact: Racepak, 30402 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 92688 or call 949-709-5555


superchargers are a fast, efficient way to make huge power. The downside is
getting the carburetor dialed-in for the street and the track. Now Quick Fuel Technology has a solution. The new
custom calibrated Q-Series Blow-Through Carburetor requires significantly less
tuning out of the box when paired with a supercharger or turbo. Best of all,
it's factory-approved for Vortech and Paxton superchargers.

The Q-Series
Blow-Through starts with a symmetrical main body with contoured, equalized
venturies and no choke horn. QFT fits the carb with CNC machined annular
boosters - upgraded with 13 holes each - improving fuel atomization and fuel
delivery through the carburetor. A machined crossover in the metering block
also supplies more fuel to the venturi while keeping jet sizes reasonable.

The Blow-Through
Series is also fitted with contoured float bowls that minimize fuel turbulence,
fully round throttle shafts with Teflon bearings (to improve airflow and
prevent throttle pinning), and flush-mount blade screws to decrease turbulance
under full boost. QFT seals the main and idle well caps in the metering block
with epoxy to keep them from blowing out in high-pressure applications, and
enlarged restrictions in the power valve channel allow you to run smaller
primary jets for improved street drivability. Using a Q-Series with a
blow-through supercharger or turbo makes more power, achieves a linear power
curve, and maximizes performance on the street and the racetrack.

For more
information, visit Quick Fuel Technology on the
web at:
or e-mail the experts at
[email protected] .