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lakewood_np.jpgThis Lakewood Aluminum Driveshaft
was designed for installing a TKO transmission in the 2005-2006 Mustang. It
comes complete with a DANA slip yoke attached for the TKO transmission,
U-joints, and a CNC-machined adapter that allows you to bolt directly into the
2005-2006 Ford Mustang differential bowl bracket. This driveshaft is
CNC-machined from 3-1/2" diameter aluminum tubing for light weight and extra
strength, and features large, heavy-duty1350 U-joints that just will not break
apart!This Lakewood Aluminum TKO Driveshaft is easy to install, and
works best when used with the new Lakewood TKO Bellhousing #15255 in 2005/06
Mustangs.Part #20305.

For more information, please visit our web
site at www.lakewood-industries.com

New RHS™ Hats Arrive On The Racing Scene

rhshats.jpgHigh-quality, low-profile hat shows you’re a fan of RHS™ performance

Prove to everyone that you know about the finest performance cylinder head company in the world when you slip on your new RHS™ Low-Profile Hat. Made of 100 percent cotton to keep you cool during the warmest of days, these vented hats feature black cloth construction with orange vents and an attractive RHS™ logo embroidered on the front.

Adjustable by means of a Velcro adjusting strip that bears the RHS website address, these hats are guaranteed to deliver a neat, sporty appearance. For more information about the RHS™ Low-Profile Hat or any other RHS™ product, call us at 1-877-776-4323, or visit us online at http://www.racingheadservice.com/ .


TCI® Street Rod T-Shirt Celebrates 38 Years Of Serving Up Drivetrain Performance

streetrodshirt.jpgNew high-quality t-shirts feature classic hot rod graphics

When you’re looking to fit in with the cruisin’ crowd, there’s nothing that helps more than the proper apparel. TCI® Automotive’s new “Street Rod” t-shirt gets the job done with cool street rod-inspired graphics, including a fenderless ’32 Ford coupe and classically clad car hop on the back and a TCI® logo on the front. Each t-shirt includes cool retro-style script that reads: “Serving You Since 1968,” in recognition of TCI® Automotive’s 38 years in business.

These high-quality t-shirts are 100 percent cotton and are available in sizes small to XXXL. The color-fast graphics are guaranteed not to bleed or run.

For more information about the TCI® Street Rod T-Shirt or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at http://www.tciauto.com/ .


COMP Cams® Introduces New 10-Degree Titanium Super Locks™

Strong, lightweight valve locks deliver premium performance benefits

titaniumsuperlocks.jpgValve locks are an often-overlooked valve train component. Regardless of their diminutive size, COMP Cams® has spent a considerable amount of time designing and testing valve locks to improve their performance and the reliability of the overall valve train. COMP Cams® new 10-Degree Titanium Super Locks™ are not only strong and lightweight, reducing valve train mass, but incorporate a 10-degree “square groove” lock facing for premium valve holding ability.

COMP Cams® new 10-Degree Titanium Valve Super Locks™ must be used with 10-degree titanium valve spring retainers and square groove valve lock compatible valves. They are available for purchase in single sets (2) and for four, six and eight cylinder engine applications. For more information about COMP Cams® new 10-Degree Titanium Super Locks™ or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at http://www.compcams.com/.



Here's a spy photo of Dart's new billet LS1 block. It has a full water jacket and provisions for standard motor mounts, motor plate mount and regular small block Chevy mounts. Numerous custom options will be available. 

For more information, visit Dart Heads

90 Degree Intake Elbow for Turbo & Supercharged Engines

elbow1.jpgBULITPRUF by FAE has announced a new 90 degree intake elbow
for turbo & supercharged engines that use a carburetor type manifold. The
elbow incorporates many innovative designs. Three Patents have been applied
for. First is a smooth transition from a round throttle body to the square
carburetor flange of the manifold. Second and most important is a series of
aerodynamic devices, which turn the air 90 degrees without turbulence or
restriction. These devices ensure that the air distribution to the manifold is
uniform from front to back and side to side. All the cylinders get an equal
shot of the incoming air. And it flows more air than the standard elbows on the
market. 1620CFM @28”. It uses a standard Ford 105mm throttle body and is
drilled for either 4150 0r 4500 carb bases Call


For more info, visit their web site at www.bulitpruf.com


20254.jpgThis kit is designed to provide everything needed to convert from a single
carburetor intake to a dual-quad intake for small-block Chevys and Fords.

Featuring the all-new RPM Air-Gap Dual-Quad intake manifold this package
offers this all-inclusive kit includes the new RPM Dual Quad Air-Gap intake, two
500 cfm Thunder Series AVS carburetors (one manual choke, one electric choke),
our high-tech progressive throttle linkage, fuel line and intake gasket set.

Choose from the traditional satin cast finish or our ultra-bright EnduraShine
finish for the ultimate durability and appearance.

For more information, visit www.edelbrock.com  

RatioTrax is now available from Ram Clutches

Ram Clutches has now released the
RatioTrax software for Lenco Transmissions in a joint venture with Performance
Software Technologies. The software allows you to quickly calculate transmission
ratios, percentage drops, final drive ratios, and tire growth. Multiple gearing
combinations can be compared simultaneously.

The software will accommodate CS1, CS2, and CS3 transmissions built in two
through five speed configurations. The program can be fully customized so that
you can build your own inventory of planetaries and rear end ratios to fit your
specific application.

This program is a must for any team wanting to optimize their
clutch/transmission package to changing weather and track conditions. After
extensive testing it is being utilized by many of the top teams in IHRA
including Tony Gillig, John Montecalvo, and Pete Berner.

The program is available on CD or can be downloaded at www.ramclutches.com/store/software.
The software can be download and demonstrated free of charge for 30 days.

For further information contact: info@ramclutches.com

DMPE Inc. Supercharger Gel Lube and Remover

Darren Mayer Performance
Engineering Inc. adds to its ever-growing list of specialty supercharger
products by manufacturing the first specifically designed Supercharger Lubricant
and Lubricant remover.           

The DMPE Inc. Supercharger Gel Lube provides a better performing supercharger
by addressing Teflon wear and leak path control.  While extended Teflon /
Nylatron wear through proper lubrication extends supercharger performance
longevity, the Gel’s ability to cling to the rotating rotors and internal parts
also increases the efficiency of the unit by filling up the clearance between
moving parts. It tightens the seal between rotor to rotor, and end frame to
rotor clearance, thus allowing the supercharger to increase efficiency by
reducing leak paths.

This also reduces costs by decreasing time between overhauls. The gel lube is
not affected by methanol like many supercharger lubes, therefore provides a
better, longer lasting seal.

The Gel Lube Remover was specifically manufactured to remove the above
lubricant.  The lubricant was designed to hold up to most all solvents and
methanol, allowing the lube not to be washed away from the rotors, rotor bores
and internal supercharger surfaces.

Because of this it requires a “remover” to cut the supercharger gel at time
of re-striping.  It is important to remove all traces of the lube from the
Teflon grooves so that the Teflon does not pitch itself out of the rotors after
overhaul because of any remnants of the slippery lubricant.

Once all the rotor stripping is removed from the rotors, the dovetails should
be sprayed with the remover to ensure removal of all gel lube.  The Teflon is
then pulled into clean dry grooves (dovetail) and the supercharger can then be

After the supercharger is re-assembled, liberally apply the supercharger lube
into the rotor cavity. We suggest that it is applied once a day, usually on
first start up. For more info and pricing please log onto dmpeinc.com


Now owners of 400, 430 and 455
c.i.d. Buick V8s can step up to the proven performance of Edelbrock’s new
Performer RPM Buick aluminum cylinder heads. In dyno tests, these high quality
heads made 480 horsepower and 540 ft/lbs. of torque from a .030-over bore 455
engine with an Edelbrock intake manifold, Crane hydraulic lifter cam and 1-3/4"

They are available bare #60039 or fully assembled and ready to bolt on with
high quality stainless steel 2.125" intake and 1.75" exhaust valves #60049. The
215cc intake ports are CNC gasket matched for outstanding flow characteristics
and 68cc combustion chambers produce 9.2:1 compression ratio with stock pistons.

They are cast from durable A356-T6 aluminum and CNC machined in Edelbrock’s
modern manufacturing facility in Torrance, California. Like all Edelbrock heads,
the rocker stud and exhaust bolt holes are Heli-Coiled™ for strength.

Performer RPM Buick cylinder heads are designed to accept widely available
small-block Chevy adjustable rockers for an easy valvetrain upgrade, and high
flow 130cc exhaust ports in the stock location accept original exhaust manifolds
or headers for bolt-on performance. Visit www.edelbrock.com to see their
complete line of cylinder heads, intake manifolds, cabs and more.

For more information visit www.edelbrock.com