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11206b.jpgAEROMOTIVE, Inc., the leading manufacturer of EFI
and carbureted electric fuel pumps, pressure regulators and fuel systems, has applied
its cutting edge technology to a more traditional application with the
introduction of its small block Chevrolet mechanical fuel pump, P/N 11206. 

Designed for gasoline applications up to 550 HP, this 6
valve pump features an innovative single lock-bolt design that allows the -10AN
inlet port to rotate 285 degrees independently of the outlet port for infinite
adjustability.  The -8AN outlet port may
be clocked in 60 degree increments for additional plumbing convenience.

To provide unparalleled durability

and eliminate failures
common with conventional, cast pumps, the Aeromotive pump body is CNC machined
from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum alloy, and the high alloy steel, CNC machined
lever arm is scalloped for a high strength to weight ratio.  All internal components are engineered and
CNC machined from materials developed for severe duty applications.

The pump is capable of 12 PSI line pressure, and requires
use of one of Aeromotive’s carbureted regulators.   For
marine applications, the pump features a ¼” NPT vent.

Power. Performance. Speed.
Reliability. Durability. These qualities are built into every product and
system that displays the AEROMOTIVE name.  At AEROMOTIVE, we bring track experience,
technical expertise, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities
together to build the finest fuel systems in the world.

To learn more about Aeromotive’s extensive line of products
visit them online at www.aeromotiveinc.com , or to speak with one of their highly
qualified tech personnel, call 913-647-7300. 


ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System Is Specifically Designed

New advanced system
safely adds 75–125 hp to popular 2005 & newer Hemi engine

zexhemimagnum-chargernitrous.jpgChrysler’s late
model Hemi engines are the perfect platform for nitrous injection upgrades. The
ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System comes factory pre-assembled, making for a
simple and easy, plug and play installation (two hours from start to

For the ultimate in
safety, the ZEX™ kit also uses an advanced safety technology called Active Fuel
Control™. This exclusive ZEX™ technology monitors the nitrous bottle pressure
and adjusts the kit’s fuel enrichment so you are never too rich or too

ZEX™ engineers
always keep safety in mind when designing their products; the ZEX™-patented
electronic TPS switch is a case in point. Another ZEX™ exclusive, the throttle
position sensor feature ensures that the nitrous oxide system activates only at
wide open throttle, making sure that the nitrous shot is introduced only at the
best possible moment.

Exclusive ZEX™
features like these set the industry standard for convenience, safety, and
performance. For more information about the ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System
or any other ZEX™ product, call us at 1-888-817-1008, or visit them online at http://www.zex.com/.


FAST™ LSX™ EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits

Two fuel line kits available, making FAST™ LSX™ Manifold installation safe
and easy

lsxfuellineconversionkit.jpgThe FAST™ LSX™
Intake Manifold has revolutionized the performance of the GM LS-engine world by
delivering increased power, versatility and light weight. The release of the
FAST™ LSX™ '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits makes it easy to take
advantage of the power benefits of the LSX™ Manifold while using the FAST™ fuel
rails to further enhance fuel delivery. Two kits are available, with or without
the in-line fuel pressure gauge, along with complete instructions to make
installation a snap.
The FAST™ LSX™ '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line
Conversion Kits include all of the fuel line parts, consisting of the rear
crossover line, the main fuel supply line and the push connect fitting and plug
to convert the factory 3/8-inch fuel line to -6AN lines. The FAST™ fuel rails
must be purchased separately. The FAST™ LSX™ '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line
Conversion Kit (Part #54028G-KIT) features a 1 ½-inch diameter midnight silver
encased, 0-100 psi liquid-filled gauge with a black face and easy-to-read white
indicator needle; however the kit can also be purchased without the gauge. For
more information about the FAST™ LSX™ '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits
or any other FAST™ product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit them online at http://www.fuelairspark.com/.


TCI® Introduces New PRO-X™ Powerglide

New transmission pan with HDT Coating™ makes gasket leakage a thing of the

pro-xpowerglidefluidpan.jpgOne of the sad
facts in drag racing is that Powerglide transmission pans leak. Conventional
transmission pan gaskets are prone to deform and leak if tightened just a hair
too much; and even if a decent seal is achieved, you can count on lots of
scraping and dealing with messy sealing compounds the next time you need to pull
the pan for a fluid or filter change, which may be just a race or two away. As
part of its PRO-X™ line of hardcore racing components, the new Powerglide O-Ring
Transmission Pan from TCI® makes these and other transmission pan problems a
thing of the past.
The TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan features
an industry-exclusive o-ring seal that makes it easy to achieve a leak-free seal
every time, regardless of how flat or uneven the gasket mating surface may be.
The durable, 1-piece o-ring can be reused several times, saving the time,
hassle, and cost of replacing a gasket every time you need to pull the pan on
your Powerglide.

The TCI® Powerglide
O-Ring Transmission Pan also features the TCI® proprietary metallic-gray Heat
Dissipating Technology™ (HDT) coating, which has been proven to reduce
transmission operating temperatures by a wide margin over competitor’s coatings.
Additional features that help reduce operating temperature and extend
transmission life are cooling fins and an additional 2 quarts of fluid capacity
over the stock Powerglide pan. Constructed from extra-rigid sand-cast aluminum,
the TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan will also add structural rigidity to
your Powerglide case, further strengthening it against the severe load of a
high-horsepower drag racing engine. Included with the transmission pan are a
reusable o-ring seal, transmission filter and filter spacer, and stainless steel
mounting hardware. For more information about the TCI® Powerglide O-Ring
Transmission Pan, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit them online at http://www.tciauto.com/.



Are you
taking your cars to the extreme? Then, why not use an oil specially formulated
for just that, extremes. Royal Purple’s New XPR (Extreme Performance and Racing
oils) are formulated for ultra-performance applications such as racing,
high-performance engines, modified engines and off-road use. It produces winning
results on the racetrack and is safe enough to use in your daily commuter car.

engine builders and race teams have cited increased horsepower and torque, and
longer engine life with the use of Royal Purple According to multi-year IHRA Top
Fuel Champion Clay Millican, “When we began using Royal Purple, I couldn’t
believe the difference. Run any oil back to back with Royal Purple and you’ll
see a difference.” Independent tests on racing engines show as much as an 80%
reduction in wear by using Royal Purple's XPR oils compared to other racing

XPR's high
film strength makes it exceptionally well-suited for high performance cars and
trucks, particularly turbo and supercharged engines and / or engines using a
nitrous boost.   It's also the go-to oil when performance enhancements have been
made to an engine such as a stroker, cam with stiffer springs, high compression
pistons, etc.  

combines the highest quality synthetic base oil, Royal Purple’s proprietary
Synerlec© additive technology and additional performance enhancers to create a
lubricant that maximizes horsepower and torque, while providing the highest
level of protection against heat and wear. XPR provides more protection than
conventional motor oils — mineral or synthetic — including those combined with
aftermarket additives.

XPR is
available in 0W10, 5W20, 5W30, 10W40 and 20W50 viscosities.  Royal Purple
suggests following manufacturer and / or engine builders recommendations when
selecting oil viscosity. Their technical support department is available to
provide recommendations on modified engines and can be reached at [email protected]  or

Thumpr™ Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Innovative new camshaft series delivers unrivaled high performance sound and
idle quality, yet produces impressive performance gains


compthumprcams.jpgLet’s face it, few
things serve to grab our attention at a car show or cruise night more than a car
with a thumping, high performance idle. In fact, one of the most frequent
questions fielded when customers call our CAM HELP® tech line is “what camshaft
will give my car that mean-sounding idle?” In their ongoing quest to provide
customers with the performance that they demand, the COMP Cams® engineering team
proudly introduces the Thumpr™ series of camshafts.

The Thumpr™
camshafts are a new series of retro-fit hydraulic roller camshafts designed for
use in 1955-1998 262-400 cubic inch Small Block Chevrolet engines that were
originally equipped with flat tappet camshafts. The reason that the new Thumpr™
Camshafts have such an aggressive exhaust note is that the lobe profiles and
grind characteristics chosen by the COMP Cams® engineers produce a combination
of early exhaust valve opening, long exhaust duration, and a generous amount of
intake and exhaust overlap to maximize the rough-idling characteristics of the
cams without negatively impacting the power output or streetability of the

Thumpr™ Camshafts
are available in three different grind profiles, each one of which will produce
a rough, racy exhaust note and impressive amounts of horsepower and torque at a
different rpm range. Their cutting-edge hydraulic roller design means that they
will deliver a substantial power increase over an identical hydraulic flat
tappet grind without sacrificing reliability or ease of maintenance. So look no
further than the  Thumpr™ line of camshafts -engineered to deliver that much
sought-after ”thumping” idle quality to Small Block Chevy owners everywhere. For
more information about the COMP Cams® Thumpr™ Small Block Chevrolet Retro-Fit
Hydraulic Roller Camshafts or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at
1-800-999-0853, or visit them online at http://www.compcams.com/.

AEROMOTIVE Billet Fuel Sample Valve P/N 15631

long known for high-end performance fuel systems, is proud to introduce our
Billet Fuel Sample Valve, P/N 15631. 

Engineered to be the safest, most versatile valve at the
track, the valve is loaded with features for the novice and professional racer
alike.  The fuel sample valve installs into any 1/8"
NPT gauge port and provides a duplicate 1/8" NPT port on the valve body
for reinstallation of a fuel pressure gauge or pressure transducer if required.  The sample port is equipped with a stainless
steel hose barb for an extension hose and rotates 360° for ease of installation
and sampling.  To enhance safety, the
"dual action", spring loaded safety valve keeps the valve sealed when
unlocked and can be rotated into a locked position for racing.  When a fuel sample is required, rotate to the
unlocked position, press for a fuel sample and release, re-lock the valve and

Power. Performance. Speed. Reliability. Durability.
These qualities are built into every product and system that displays the AEROMOTIVE
name. At AEROMOTIVE, we bring track experience, technical expertise, and
state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities together to build the finest
fuel systems in the world.

To learn more about
Aeromotive’s extensive line of products visit them online at
www.aeromotiveinc.com , or to speak
with one of their highly qualified tech personnel, call 913-647-7300. 


lakewood_spacers.jpgLakewood’s new Aluminum
Spacers install  under all snubbers for every make of snubber-style traction

These spacers were designed to install under the snubbers, and
raise the height of the contact point up closer for faster set up and
improved traction response time. They install tightly against the leaf spring to
greatly improve traction, in addition to improving the useful
life of your
snubbers by spreading out the weight transfer to avoid snubber cracking and
splitting from hard launches.

These Aluminum Snubbers can also be used to
pre-load the suspension, and will fit all traction bars from any company that
uses bolt-on snubbers with a 3/8” mounting stud on the end of the traction bar.
per set.

Part # 20575

For more
information, please visit their web site at www.lakewood-industries.com


Working in close partnership with Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc., BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems has advanced its AirWerks program by providing a turbocharger for a 2006 Toyota Highlander hybrid vehicle.  This venture was started with the intent of highlighting the feasibility of forced induction for hybrid vehicles, such as the Toyota Highlander.  Early testing has shown that vehicle power and performance has increased by close to 20%, largely due to the addition of the BorgWarner turbocharger. 

“The Aftermarket team of BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems continues its dedication to the advancement of our turbo technology,” says Jack Lorimer, Director of the North American Aftermarket.  He adds, “This distinctive AirWerks performance project offers additional opportunities to build on our extensive knowledge of turbocharger aerodynamics.” 

Boost is provided by an AirWerks K24.2-2671 hybrid turbocharger, which was developed specifically for this unique application.  The K24.2 turbo features a forged billet compressor wheel, a ni-resist turbine housing, and a water-cooled bearing housing to help increase turbo component longevity.  Bill Smulo of G2 North Hollywood performed the turbo fabrication, installation, and tuning effort. 
About the AirWerks Program

The AirWerks forced-air technology program from BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems focuses on aftermarket applications from passenger car to light duty trucks. 

Visit our their website at http://www.borgwarner.com ./.  


clip_image004.jpgFlatout Gaskets is pleased to announce the release of their Chevrolet LS-1 Head
Gasket Set.


This leading edge set includes the finest sealing technology
currently available on the market and contains all the gaskets and seals needed
to completely reseal the upper half of the engine, after the heads are


The head set includes: Flatout SaberSeal MLS head gaskets, new
Flatout FKM/Composite intake gaskets, GPC header gaskets, hi-temp valve stem
seals and other Flatout molded rubber products to offer the builder superior


more information or to have a new Flatout Gasket catalog sent directly to you,
please call Toll-Free - 877.837.9200 or go take a look at our new on-line
listing at: http://www.flatoutgroup.com/gaskets/MoldedRubberWebCatalog.asp.


Gaskets will be at the Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow – Dec. 14-16 in
Orlando, FL. - Booth #3334. To “Stay
Sealed” stop by and pick-up a new catalog!