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D.O.T. Certified Stainless Braided Hoses From Classic Tube

braided_hoses.jpgReplace rubber hydraulic hoses with StopFlex® Stainless Steel Braided Hoses for protection and superior performance. Versatile and long lasting, these stainless braided hoses are great for almost any stock or custom application. With Classic Tube's pre-made hose sections you can order the length you need for your particular hydraulic application. Choose a length in "even" inches from 6-inches to 60-inches, and build your own hose ends by selecting from a wide variety of Classic Tube screw-in fittings.

StopFlex® Stainless Steel Braided Hoses are a multi-layer design comprised of a Teflon® inner hose, a Kevlar® braid layer and elastomer construction. Stainless Steel wire braid completes the hose. For added durability, a clear vinyl covering prevents dirt getting into the braid. Each pre-made hose section uses reliable, weight-saving crimp/swage fittings that exceed the industry's strictest manufacturing standards. StopFlex® hoses are made in the USA and we ship worldwide.

Classic Tube is a manufacturer and supplier of pre-bent replacement hard lines, Stopflex® Stainless Braided Hoses, bulk tubing, tools and accessories. For more information visit their website at www.classictube.com .

TCI® - H-D Input Shaft & Drum Assembly.

TCI® Heavy-Duty Input Shaft & Drum Assembly Delivers 700R4/4L60E Transmission Durability

tciinputshaftdrumassembly373930.jpgEliminates input shaft and drum breakage when 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions are used in high torque applications

The more horsepower and torque your engine makes, the more your transmission is challenged to deliver. The new TCI® Heavy-Duty Input Shaft and Drum Assembly is built for GM 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions required to handle over 500 ft lbs of engine torque. Featuring a

cryogenically-hardened input shaft, the assembly incorporates a specially processed heavy-duty drum with a steel reinforcement ring, which is especially important for transmissions enhanced with raised line pressure for firmer shifting.

The TCI® Heavy-Duty Input Shaft and Drum Assembly is available in two versions: one for ’85-‘97 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions and one for ’98 and newer models. Both versions are perfect for any race or high torque street application.

For more information about the TCI® Heavy-Duty Input Shaft and Drum Assembly or any other TCI® products, visit online at www.tciauto.com .

Cool Cover – Air Tube Cover kit

Promotes a Cooler Denser Air Charge for Improved Performance and Horsepower

cool_cover_edited-1.jpgReducing under-hood heat is critical to maximize an engine’s performance and so is cooling the intake air – creating a denser air charge. To that end Design Engineering, Inc (DEI), has introduced Cool Cover™ designed to prevent air tubes from becoming heat sinks.
Made of heat treated fiberglass with a reflective coating, Cool Cover will reflect radiant heat away from air tubes and allow cooler air to be introduced into the intake for a denser, more powerful air charge.

Cool Cover has a unique full-length hook & loop closure design for an easy install and universal to fit most air tubes. Cool Cover can be removed in seconds without the need of any hand tools for easy on for go and easy off for show.

For more information on DEI’s of thermal tuning and heat protection products as well as their award winning CryO2™ - cryogenic intake system and components, visit Design Engineering, Inc.’s website, www.DesignEngineering.com , or E-mail: [email protected]

FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel Meter Helps Tune For Maximum Horsepower And Torqu

Revolutionary new meter measures the engine’s air/fuel ratio with two sensors, not one

FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel Meter is the first easy-to-use, two-sensor,
wide-band air/fuel meter available for engine tuners and dyno
operators. By incorporating sensors in both of the engines exhaust
outlets (not just one sensor like competitive air/fuel meters), engine
tuners receive the full story on the engine’s true state of tune. With
the FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel Meter, you can read both exhaust sensors
individually or average them together for a super accurate reading. For
engine tuners on a budget, a single sensor version is available that
can later be upgraded to the two-sensor technology.

Easy-to-use, the FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel Meter includes a simple, built-in
data logger that doesn’t require you to download to a laptop but simply
plays back the air/fuel information on the unit’s display screen in
real-time. Advanced features include outputs for your dyno’s data

logging software and external digital gauges. With double the sensors
and double the performance, it’s clear that the FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel
Meter is the best choice for the serious engine tuner. For more
information about the FAST™ Dyno Air/Fuel Meter or any other FAST™
product, visit online at http://www.fuelairspark.com /.

Williams Engineering CNC Billet Manifolds

in a joint venture with MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds in
Mooresville, NC, each manifold is custom designed and machined to
perfectly match any type of cylinder head. The modular billet
components provide precise and balanced geometry to each cylinder for
optimal volumetric efficiency. Utilizing 5-axis aerospace machining
processes allows for the creation of contours and controlled surface
finishes that are impossible to duplicate by hand fabrication. This
manifold will take sheet metal intake technology to the next level of

Facts and Features

Made form T6 6061 aircraft aluminum.

“Tear drop” plenum design for high rpm, high velocity applications.

5-axis CNC contoured and undercutting to promote optimal airflow.

Detachable intake runner feature to allow for induction system modifications.

billetmanifold5.jpgCanted intake runners for exact alignment of the intake valve angle.

Contoured entrances into intake runner ports.

Complete CNC modular, replaceable components.

traditional fabricated sheet metal manifolds, our billet manifolds do
not require welding, which makes modifications complicated and creates
resonance and vibration which takes power away from your motor.

Visit online at www.williamsenginedesign.com .


latest edition of Justice Brothers’ famous annual RACING CALENDAR is
now available. This isn’t just any calendar, it celebrates the Justice
Brothers 60th Anniversary at Indy and includes many photos of the
famous brothers taken over the years at the track. Each action photo is
painstakingly selected by a committee of experts to bring you only the
wildest, most explosive and exciting racing action on the planet. For
31 years the Justice Brothers have been producing their calendar, and
it has won numerous motorsports publication awards. It brings the best
of the best racing action to you.

Ed Justice, Jr. (President and CEO of Justice Brothers) has personally
designed more than half of these collectible calendars, and it’s
perfect for racing enthusiasts of all ages. It’s pole position quality
and can adorn your office or shop equally well! Included is action from
such racing legends as Doug Herbert, Tony Hunt, PJ Jones, Tommy
Johnson, Larry Ragland and more! Don’t miss a single month! Pick up
your 2007 Racing Calendar while visiting the incredible Justice
Brothers Racing Museum on historic Route 66 in Duarte, CA, or order it
online at www.justicebrothers.com .


your dream car? Then it is likely that the biggest question facing you
is about the engine. Specifically, should I buy a custom-built engine,
or stick with the comfort of a mass-produced crate motor? ROUSH
Performance, the leader in Ford powertrain development and all things
high-performance, has a wide line of “crate motors” built by the
winningest name in racing that are anything but bland, off-the-shelf

“A Crate it Ain’t” Street Rodder magazine proclaimed about the ROUSH
Performance offerings, largely because these engines are a unique blend
of the best of both worlds. They can be ordered out of a catalog just
like any crate engine, but customers have the ability to choose many of
the components and create their own custom, one-of-a-kind engine which
is then hand-assembled by an experienced engine builder.

ROUSH Performance offers nine base models of Ford engines which
translate to 22 different variations. Carbureted and fuel-injected, as
well as short and long-block versions are available. The base model,
the 327SR puts out 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. torque. From there,
it only goes up - way, way up to a whopping 1,050 horsepower and 400
lb.-ft. torque in the 588RX.

The core models include a 327, 342, 353, 402, 427, 451, 511, 588 and
5.3R. The fuel-injected packages, which are the ROUSH IR series, have
been carefully fabricated to offer the same drivability characteristics
as a normal production vehicle. ROUSH engineered the intake manifolds
and redesigned the throttle bodies to incorporate isolators which
prevent binding.

The expertise that ROUSH has in engine construction is well-known, and
most visible through those built for competition in the upper echelons
of NASCAR, including the Nextel Cup Series which is the pinnacle of
stock car racing. But the same facility in Livonia, Mich., which used
to build the race engines is now turning out customized engine builds
and these are becoming extremely desirable among the Cobra and street
rod market. In fact, many of the most recognized hot rod constructors,
such as Chip Foose and Roy Brizio, have already incorporated ROUSH
engines into their featured vehicles.

One of the largest replica car manufacturers in the country is
Superformance which installs a ROUSH crate engine in nearly every
vehicle they deliver.

“ROUSH engines have been the best thing that has happened to the
Superformance MKIII, Shelby Daytona Coupe and GT40. We have been using
ROUSH engines for the past four years in our cars on the track and the
street. They have a large range of engines that are reliable, powerful,
well built and the support from the ROUSH team has been incredible. I
personally have a 427SR in my own GT40 and can say that it’s awesome,”
said Lance Stander, president of Superformance LLC, Shelby Distribution
USA and CEO of Hillbank Motors Inc.

Something unique to the ROUSH Performance crate engines is that they
all come with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty. This is the best in the
industry and can be offered because they are built to exacting
tolerances and are engineered and durability tested to assure
reliability and performance long before being made available for sale.

Each engine is sold as a complete package which includes air cleaner,
oil pan, flywheel, flex plate and front end accessories. Other
companies may require these items be obtained separately which adds
additional expense and work to install. When received, a ROUSH engine
can be dropped into the engine compartment, have the hoses attached and
re-filled with fluids, and are then ready to start and go. Though at
first glance the price on a ROUSH engine may appear slightly higher
than others, when all the content that comes standard with the engine
is taken into consideration (even items like a wire loom) it is easy to
conclude that the overall price may, in fact, even be less than the
competition’s products.

Prior to shipping, every single ROUSH engine is hot-tested on one of
the 50 engine dynos at the facility to verify both power and integrity.
Documentation comes with the engine showing the exact tested horsepower
and torque figures, and certifies the engine to be leak-free.
Additionally, each engine comes with a CNC-engraved “Powered by ROUSH”
plaque showing the same figures, along with the model and individual
serial number. This plaque is designed to be riveted into the engine
compartment and, according to many owners, helps to increase the value
of the vehicle.

All ROUSH engines are available with a natural finish or fully polished
(this includes cylinder heads, intake manifold, front cover, water
pump, valve covers, thermostat housing, pulleys, brackets and
alternator if ordered with the package). If you choose, ROUSH can even
custom paint or special finish (such as anodize, chrome or powder coat)
any or all of the engine and components prior to assembly so that it
can be dyno tested as a complete package. This is important because it
allows the builder to simply install the engine without any further
detailing after the fact. All oil pans are powder coated in a silver
metallic tone and clear coated.

“I guess all the options available for our crate engines can appear to
be a bit overwhelming,” admitted Jack Roush. “As a guy who knows a
thing or two about engines, I think it is awesome that someone can
start with a base model and end up with an engine that nobody else has
in their car. They can point to the engine and tell their friends ‘this
is exactly what I wanted.’ And of course, being a ROUSH engine, you
know that the horsepower and performance is a cut above the rest,” he
added with a smile.

More than just a mere engine assembler, ROUSH engineers and machines
many of the engine components in-house on their wide range of CNC
machines. Just a sampling of the items that ROUSH manufactures
themselves are front end accessory drives, water necks, billet wire
looms, billet fuel filters with inline fuel logs, laser cut stainless
steel timing pointers, alternator brackets and air cleaners. With more
than 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to engine builds alone, ROUSH
has the capacity, technology and experience to handle just about any

Even with so many choices already, such as engine finish, the decisions
don’t stop there. Most models have a variety of options to choose from
when it comes to valve covers, air cleaners, and even spark plug wires.
Taking it one step further, ROUSH offers complete powertrain assemblies
such as automatic and manual transmissions, bell housings and clutches.

With all the models and options available, it is easy to see why a
ROUSH Performance crate engine is not just an “off the shelf” model. It
is really a custom engine, built to your exact specifications. So, let
ROUSH build a Ford engine for your dream car and make it something you
can take extra pride in when opening the hood for your friends.

Based in Livonia, Mich., “The Art of Performance Engineering” takes
place at ROUSH Performance. In addition to the array of Ford Mustang
and F-150 styling, handling and performance upgrades, a complete line
of performance parts and crate engines are offered. For more
information, visit www.ROUSHperformance.com.

‘07 Lexus IS350 Gets Borla Race-Bred True Dual with X-pipe

lexusis350.jpgBorla Performance Industries R&D engineers, working with the Team Lexus race team, have developed a powerful true dual exhaust cat-back system (PN140189) with the unique BORLA Merge X-Pipe for more power and great sound. The result of the lighter, more powerful, tuned performance exhaust is amazing.

Add the great look of the dual polished tips, and this great new Lexus Hot Rod gets even hotter. BORLA is proud of their involvement with Lexus, Toyota and Team Lexus. They all share the same pursuit of excellence. When you see those polished stainless steel tips with BORLA embossed on them, you know it is the best you can get.

BORLA has a 29-year tradition of building performance exhaust for high end performance machines. BORLA, the original pioneers of aerospace-grade T-304 stainless steel (superior to T-409 or aluminized steel) CNC mandrel bent free flow exhaust utilizes its patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy – all with an easy bolt-on installation. BORLA street exhaust cat-backs and headers are so good– we guarantee them for a cool million miles.

For Additional Information, visit www.borla.com or email [email protected] .

Chromium-Plated and Powder-Coated Carburetors

barry_grant_coatings.jpgDemon Carburetion, a Barry Grant, Inc., company, announces optional finishes for new Demon carburetors. For 2007, chromium plating or custom powder-coatings are available in a wide range of popular colors, including some candy shades. Additionally, Rush air filter assemblies, separate carburetor center sections, and float bowls will also be undertaken. Order these powder-coated induction parts from your Barry Grant dealer and bring a matched hue of individuality to your Demon carburetor and air cleaner.

For complete information, visit their website www.barrygrant.com for the latest Catalog/Technical Manual

ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System Is Specifically Designed For Late Model Hemi Engines

zexhemimagnum-chargernitrouskit.jpgNew advanced system safely adds 75–125 hp to popular 2005 & newer Hemi engine applications

Chrysler’s late model Hemi engines are the perfect platform for nitrous
injection upgrades. The ZEX™ Charger/Magnum Nitrous System comes
factory pre-assembled, making for a simple and easy, plug and play
installation (two hours from start to finish).

For the ultimate in safety, the ZEX™ kit also uses an advanced safety
technology called Active Fuel Control™. This exclusive ZEX™ technology
monitors the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the kit’s fuel
enrichment so you are never too rich or too lean.

ZEX™ engineers always keep safety in mind when designing their
products; the ZEX™-patented electronic TPS switch is a case in point.
Another ZEX™ exclusive, the throttle position sensor feature ensures
that the nitrous oxide system activates only at wide open throttle,
making sure that the nitrous shot is introduced only at the best
possible moment.

Exclusive ZEX™ features like these set the industry standard for
convenience, safety, and performance. For more information, visit
online at www.zex.com .